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  • skcornorcim skcornorcim Feb 12, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    Why doesn't Apple just buy MU?


    More likely Overhauled.

    Currently the U.S. is only 13th in average bandwidth world wide.

    Pretty sad statement at that.

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    • True...but it's a big it's really not all that fair to compare the US with the likes of....oh...say South Korea (where you can buy a Gig's worth of bandwidth for the monthly price of something like $19.99). But even so the main ISP providers, the VZ's, the Comcasts and the like are keeping a death-grip on the throat of any competitive aspect. And I don't see that changing because there's nothing out there that can force them to....they got the American consumer by the balls with their monopoly stranglehold, and they are not about to let go any time soon.

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