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  • sbrodeur33 sbrodeur33 Feb 11, 2013 4:34 PM Flag

    Highlow thanks for the advice and your time!

    Much appreciated. I am thinking maybe a time for a breather, I sometimes wonder if the market is ready for a break. I have time to sit back and watch im up 40% and it would be 55% if I didnt have trading fees with me being so little the fees hurt. So I feel Im doing ok so far and I think I will just watch and wait for an opportunity that I feel would be hard for me to lose. But I do appreciate the post and I will definitely take into consideration what you have relayed to me. Good luck bud.

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    • And good luck to you, too. "Up 40%...." Yah...and the thing is, just like every other time in the past, what appears to be happening is all that sidelines money is watching and now getting nervous. Sooner than later it's gonna snap and jump in. I'm not saying it'll land in MU's sandbox but overall the market will probably see a surge. And that'll be the time to get out. ;-) Meanwhile, just stop your gains at the level appropriate to your risk tolerance and go from there.

      MU, with bid currently at $7.95, looks to be ever so gradually setting up to (again) test $8. Maybe this'll be the true beginnings of a surge. But it's certainly a slog, watching the action on the intraday. It's never easy. Meanwhile I'm watching RFMD, BAC and other open plays rip ahead. Since I'm coming around to the view that MU is lagging and undervalued I may have to close some positions that've gotten ahead of themselves and move some profits here...but only if MU can get north of $8 on confirming volume. For now I'm sitting and watching (MU that is).

      Oh...have a book you might want to read. The author is Scott Reynolds Nelson, and the title is "A Nation of Deadbeats." It's a decidedly irreverant take on U.S. financial history. You know all the squealing and shrieking by the self-annointed pundits of the "know" that claim the 2008-9 period, and what we're in the midst of now, is a first time ever unique event in U.S. history? They're wrong. It's not. They simply have no memory, and no understanding of history. There've been many prior such events. Read the book. It'll open yer eyes.

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