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  • bg4value bg4value Mar 5, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    Question re: recent SA article

    I know there are several traders here who are in and out based on technical signals and it's quite obvious that the market if frothy (if not actually giddy right now). I wonder what some of you (ie. highlow) feel about the fundamental change that appears to happening in Micron and semi's in general with Elpida coming on board and the steep rise in pricing for the industry. I exited my position April last year with a small loss but bought back late in the year in retirement acct. with the intention of holding it for the semi cycle to turn up. Any target prices out there? The SA author (I know it's just his opinion and I've seen a lot of doozies on SA) indicates some pretty massive earnings capabilities going forward.

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    • I would be suspicious of and touting related to PCM. Like so many other technologies pursued by that group, it's a bunch of smoke and mirrors to justify the boondoggle.

    • Bg: Frothy? Ohhhh've got the Dow surging thru a top last seen in 2007 just before all hell broke loose. Given market exuberance is far from abated momentum alone can take it above where that line today sits, which is ~$9. How sustainable this is will be predicated on Elpida-styled merits; and on this the judge is still out. Yes we've heard the glowing commentary from some in the analytical chattering classes set. Yes some think it'll contribute mightily. Others, not so much. Regardless it's an open issue to be resolved. I suspend judgement on it until I can see the numbers. And even then we know how the market loves to surprise expectations. In other words....there may be fundamental changes afoot in the semi's, MU's sector and even in MU...but there's yet to be proof the same can be said of MU in anything other than just the recent pps move. As of today if I was to rate them I'd rate them a hold....pending more information.

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