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  • highlowsel highlowsel Mar 14, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    BAC reiterates buy and raises price target

    I didn't see anyone posting this so....FYI? It came out just before session open:

    Bank of America analyst Simon #$%$ -je Woo published a report on Micron Technologies (NASDAQ: MU) that raised the price target from $10 to $11 and reiterated a Buy rating.

    So the pressure builds....boy let's hope 'ol Lucy doesn't do a smack-down on buy side expectations. ;-)

    American Net'Zen

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    • Not a shocker almost every stock has a buy on it now. MU's up three and one half bucks in ten weeks. God help MU if they somehow show a loss on Monday but then again in this market analysts will come out and say it's actually better than we expected. Look at MU's chart to the right of these posts almost every stock looks like that chart. It is starting to get funny that all we do now is try to close above the next all time high each day. Europe is in recession and their markets are at 5 year highs. Nazdaq is only 1,700 points away from those highs...why not?

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      • Indeed. Why not, eh? The only thing I'd be cautious of, and it has been posted by others, is the history of MU tends to show it popping in the first quarter (or so) of each new year, then dropping afterwards. This is pretty much what MU has done to date this year. The only distinction is this year is different? ;-)

        Heh! Seriously, though, interesting aspects are developing for the sector...aspects now coming together...all things smart is penetrating our civilization...I was struck by a picture in our local NYC "rag" called the NY Daily News. They had a side by side crowd shot photo of when the Pope was announced in 2005 and the announcement two days ago. In the 2005 photo you see a sea of heads....not much else....but in the 2013 photo you had the sea of heads, but an equally bright sea of smartphone screens all being held up towards the new Pop. It was just 8 short years the devices have gone from being almost nowhere, to being almost everywhere..and that's just phones. Then there's this thing called Cloud computing which is coming of age...

        Basically there's a whole technological paradigm shift that is underpinned by the very thing MU's sector produces...SSD's in all their various formats. It could be good times ahead...? Anyway, the sector is an interesting investing gamble right now.

    • UBS also has a price target of $11. So , since anything can happen with MU, a big drop is not out of the picture. In the meantime, lets enjoy the ride with all these news. The 21st will be the D day.

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