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  • highlowsel highlowsel Mar 15, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

    Bid $9.46

    I see bid at ~$9.69 and decide to go grab a cup of coffee. Come's at .46. Lucy is IN the house playing MU ain't she? Teach me to turn my back for a couple of minutes.

    Bid now .41. She's on her 'A' game running the bid south is classic sell side fashion.

    I just opened a buy side trading tranche at .42...

    Let's see how she rolls it from here.

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    • Well, with the bid at .28 I clearly presumed too earlier regarding Lucy's downside beneficence. But though it was back on Feb 20th when she last she engaged in this sort of downside mischief it does not surprise me. I just added a second tranche at .28 in stair-step fashion. It won't surprise me to see the bid end the day in the mid-low .20's or even back in the teens....+4% down days tend to end like this with MU.....and I'll add a third tranche in the teens if it goes there. I'm holding some sizable gains in BAC and C from recent days trading so can afford to deploy some of the profits here. Let's see how it plays from here thru now $9.28 and getting a bit of support....for now...

    • mccoyeg Mar 15, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

      bad market but big volume on MU? Just profit taking I assume?

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      • Probably. Plus Opt expiration. Plus those holding shorter term looking at a bird-n-hand and wishing not to let the birdie go into the week-end? In any case it's the sell side that's holding sway right now....the ask is staying very much on top of the bid daring the buy side to chew on big deal when you take a look at a 10 day chart of MU's advance....errrr...imho, of course.

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