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  • ccchris26 ccchris26 Mar 21, 2013 2:08 AM Flag

    Micron price after earnings

    If they don't beat but have good guidance then probably above 11
    If they beat and have good guidance then above 12
    Elpida has not been priced into earning yet or their market cap. It should be brought up in the earning and the stock will soar well above 10 to 11-12.
    Buy it in pre market or before earning before it jumps a few bucks after earnings!
    It doesn't matter if they don't beat its all about the guidance on this one.
    Any thoughts?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Rose colored thoughts, but I'd caution not to inadvertently blind yourself with it. The targets you post are fanciful and tailor made for the market to set up a disappointment. This is not to say I think MU will perform lousily, as it seems all is setting up for it to have a good couple of years going forward. It's only that experience has taught me to temper any enthusiasm and stay mindful to the preservation of your capital until you know what is knowable about MU's situation. In other words, I'm loathe to gamble on any particular outcome that would be driven strictly by earnings/guidance news. Give me some clarity first...

      Just some thoughts.

      American Net'Zen

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      • As you have seen many times by now, when earnings are about to be announced, all sorts of new posters come out to proclaim infinite wisdom about pricing points. And as you know, nobody except maybe the top executives at MU know what the earnings will be and even they don't know how it will truly impact the share price. All that being said, this board's opinions do not impact MU's price one cent even though the way some speak they would hope their voices will impact the price. No hedge fund or major investment manager really looks at this board's opinions to determine how they are going to trade for the day, week, month or year. You know that, I know that, but we can pretend I guess. Best of luck tonight to MU announcement and how it will impact MU's share price going forwards. Best to all.

      • It is time to hold !!

        Sentiment: Hold

    • I think you are right. Depending on the guidance I may accumulate more. This morning I see the NAND business is going to grow this year 40% more (10/25) than originally estimated by Digitimes. It seems everything is now going their way. It's all about the guidance. If it's good, some big firms will be jumping on this wagon. The last two years of performance mean absolutely nothing when the tailwinds are finally assisting. Feeling pretty good at this point.

    • Also short interest increased 10% to 73 million shares so there will be a mini short squeeze

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      • I am long since the 5's this time on a buy and hold plan, but when short interest goes up like that, they seem to have a decent plan for a time to cover. I would not act before earnings but the fact is Elpida will add a lot of revenue. The question going forward is what will those ASP's be averaging for the next year or two and if the recent rise abates, the shorts may yet have their day. Time will tell but this ER is the most anticipated in quite a while.

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