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  • highlowsel highlowsel Mar 22, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

    Do I hear a Ka BOOM?!

    Bid $9.94. Going for $10...may have to take some off the table at that point if it gets there. If it doesn't then I'll definitely take some off the table.

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    • Well she's certainly running today ain't she? I haven't seen this kind of day in MU in.....a long time. Volume is thru the roof and so, too, is the bid (by recent historical reckoning). Today is a volume break-out day, which means you need to go back and resurrect TA and charts from 2 years ago and later to get any sort of sense as to what's next. Good times. Don't'cha just love it when your convictions prove out? Certainly beats having them dashed, eh? Bid $10.18. Let's see how 'ol Lucy closes it out today...

      American Net'Zen

    • gregory.lynn Mar 22, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

      I sold some 3/28 $10 calls for .24, just in case $10 becomes resistance for now. Go MU!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I think they will get assigned. I have $9 short puts that will expire worthless today. I wouldn't write calls with no cover at this time. If I had stock, I wouldn't put them up for sale at $10.24. In fact, I closed my, short, Apr $11 calls before they got too expensive. There is no telling how far and fast this stock will climb.

      • Always wise to have a tactical plan in place. Capital preservation, regardless of in hand or projected to attain is a must in this game. And as they say over in Minyanville be mindful that as goes the piggy so goes the poke. A poke is always to be avoided, wherever possible/controllable, in this game. Bid $10.01. Looks like the market is battling it out around the $10 line. Trying to consolidate and resolve itself...possibly for another leg up? The Option volume all up and down the Call side chain, is a riot (for MU) right now. Let's see how it plays out...

    • Thats a Cyprian bank exploding

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      • Ha! Indeed. The situation is akin, some think, to Iceland's recent debacle. The solution is much the same. Protect the savers accounts and let the shareholders/bondholders eat it. But Cyprus, being inside the EU, combined with a fair number of influencial Russian's who'd be asked to do the eating, seem to make that route untenable. At least....for now.

        It does make me wonder what we'd do if.....ohhh....say the Caymen Islands, did the same thing....

        Meanwhile it looks like MU is leveling out under $10, in the $9.90's....might be a short setting up (trading-wise). But for now I'll just sit on my trading hands and watch. My set-up is contingent on $10 resolving itself....

        Bid now $9.96..

        American Net'Zen

    • Okay closed my "get" from yesterday out at a little north of $10. Bid now .87. I'm looking to re-enter but, for now, will wait out the dynamic going on....

9.90-0.08(-0.80%)Feb 10 4:00 PMEST