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  • lewisz88 lewisz88 Mar 23, 2013 11:33 AM Flag

    MU overvalued vs INTC undervalued

    This is the opportunity to sell extremely overvalued MU while buying undervalued INTC, check the price and earnings, it's interesting to compare.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • It’s obvious you’re under water on your short position and trying to confuse people or you’re just an idiot that shouldn’t be investing. Intel is worth (Market cap) $105 Billion with revenues of $53 Billion and $51 Billion in Equity = $10/share Book Value with 5 billion share outstanding. Micron has a Market Cap of $10 Billion with $8 Billion in revenues and $8/share book value with 1 Billion shares outstanding. I wish MU was trading 2 times Book or 2 times Revenues as Intel is currently trading. So looking at tradition or basic valuation methods, MU is not more expensive than Intel and nor should it be. Intel is a world class company that doesn’t compete with MU, so it doesn’t make sense to compare them anyway. MU is a pure Memory company that has just survived a Memory war. The war has ended and profits will hit the bottom line in the following quarters and years. MU is not overvalued by any means but it is very undervalued.

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    • INTC may be a good value because it's in a shrinking market. MU is in a growing market that has had reduced capacity which will lead to expanding profit margins and greater sales for MU. There is little chance that new companies will enter MU's market as they know the competition would be vicious. Two different companies.....INTC stuck in the mud of the past.....MU forging ahead in a growing market w/ little competition. Perhaps INTC should buy MU. (:^)


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      • gregory.lynn Mar 23, 2013 6:16 PM Flag

        You make it sound as if Intel will be dead money, but truth is @ 14nm Intel will have a distinct performance/watt advantage over ARM. Even before then, by EOY we get bay trail @ 22nm which will be better than any of the competition still. I predict a run in early 2014 similar to the run up with MU in 2013.

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    • gregory.lynn Mar 23, 2013 12:18 PM Flag

      INTC and MU are both undervalued and are both a BUY!

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    • nonsense mu will reach $16 before the end of the year

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