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  • bigchad789 bigchad789 Mar 30, 2013 8:29 PM Flag

    North Korea-South Korea conflict

    Not that I want anything bad to happen or anyone to get hurt, but if North Korea even gets close to any of the Samsung DRAM/NAND facilities I wonder what would happen to the price of memory chips.....and I wonder who the OEMs would look to for a secure supply of chips. Again hopefully everything stays peaceful but just food for thought.

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    • I've often wondered this myself. Samsung and Hynix have factories around the world, but with the tight supply, the loss or temporary shutdown of any plants would surely cause a huge spike in spot prices.

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    • I actually heard on the news that N. Korea has some major factories (near the border) targeted for their rockets. Almost funny to see the new "leader" of N. Korea being advised by a bunch of old generals. If we give them 1 cent of foreign aid for their threats......well, let's just say we are the biggest fools on this planet.
      Hard to believe these jokers would actually try anything, but I guess you never know with China as an ally. I certainly don't want to make my money that way.


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      • The trouble with their new leader, if the reports are to be believed, is that he's sadistic and even more mono-manical than his old man. Fruit don't fall far from the tree does it? That aside NK is simply doing what NK has always done when they need economic support to maintain their totalitarian cult-of-personality State. Heat up the drum (beat) of war looking for the US to feed their pain.

        This time we ain't, and like any toddler they're crying twice as loud as before for not (yet) figuring it ou, thinking all they got to do is yell louder (so to speak)t. I say back our leaders in continuance with the policy and tell China to control their little brother. Except for the fact the little tyrant has nukes it's really more their problem than ours (the US). And even with the nukes it's still more their problem than ours.

        Just sayin'....

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