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  • pierre_narusse pierre_narusse Oct 12, 2013 10:46 AM Flag

    These shorts that need to post -

    NO wonder this country is stuck on 20mph...this white trash that can only be happy when someone esle has pain is f'd up. Nothing constructive about them. Most will be dead in 20 years but by then Sweden will have passed us a an economic power

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    • Sorry but you're on the wrong side of your argument. Who sold out memory technology to Samsung in 1984? Samsung knocked on other doors first. TI wouldn't, and believe it or not, neither would Intel. But Micron did and Fab 1 was full of Samsung engineers being trained on how to process DRAM. To this day Micron is nothing better than a sl-t to Samsung as Samsung has leveraged memory technology (with S. Korea's socialist government support) to become the ultra dominate tech producer in the world who determines the price and Micron clearly supports Samsung'[s position. How many American companies and jobs have gone under since makes my American gut ache. (I can think of Mostek as one of the initial casualties.) After all of that R&D effort and cost (supported by U.S. tax payers) and now there's nothing to show for it but some rich execs and having our technology shoved down our throats. But get the history right and don't revise it.

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