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  • lubelessreaming lubelessreaming Jan 1, 2014 5:51 PM Flag

    Since predictions are so wide and varied, anything could happen

    Meaning if MU beats, it could beat BIG. This also tends to suggest there is not any smart money in MU that actually knows. There's too much smart money on both sides of the trade.

    I personally believe MU will gap up to 26.75 on earnings of 94 cents for the quarter. I am expecting a lot of surprise.

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    • There is no guessing this. We're all taking risks, especially if you sold Puts that could be triggered if they report below consensus, which will add more shares to my account, and put me in a call due immediately, due to the high margin I have.

      Selling Puts is a bullish strategy, so for those who called me a short -- you're dead wrong. I NEVER in a million years expected this to become an issue. Nothing but raves to the skies about this reaching at least $30 before earnings, etc. This nonsense simply illustrates the ravings of obsessed longs who are now coming down to earth. So, for those who criticized me - better look in your own mirror at your own foolhardiness. No analyst or writer is expecting more than a sideways motion, or sell off, at simply meeting earnings; and see maybe a $2-$3 increase if it blows earnings away, which I see highly unlikely.

      Sell covered calls, and you'll limit your upside, and, worse, be stuck, because if you sell and it turns around, you may have to pay several dollars or more to cover that naked call.

      LEARN THE BASICS - doesn't seem many know them at all.

    • you guys are saying mu will beat. analyst on Wall street don't think it will be strong. Not that I don't agree with you guys they will beat, its just that these analyst know a lot more than we do or they are trying to get us to sell and get our shares. I don't see how earnings will be weak, apples new i phone couldn't even keep up with demand this quarter and elpida is in the iPhone. earnings from elpida should be very strong. I'm still cautious because this stock always sells off after earnings its ridiculous

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      • ccchris26, I agree that MU will beat basedon iPhone, eplida, and sales resulting from general industry requirements too during a recovery.

        The pattern will reverse itself this time, and MU will rise on earnings. Just when you think you know the pattern, that's when it changes. And if the pattern of post earnings selloff holds, that's fine since it ends with MU going higher after a 1-2 week selloff.

        You are very smart to notice the so called experts on the Street trying to trick you out of your MU shares on the cheap. That's how Wall Street makes their cash. These fears are overblown. That's why the predictions are so wide. Bearish forecasters are not telling the truth or telling it slant..

    • I am expecting 60 cents, which would be quite a beat. That would galvanize sentiment while clarifying may concerns of tepid investors and sideliners in addition to shorts. I would not want to be short going into earnings this time. Remember the huge runup to earnings in October? This time the selloff happened in advance. MU will buck the trend. A rise on earnings is in the cards this time because this is the beginning of a series of earnings beats and surprises.

    • Lubeless, while I am expecting quite a good surprise on the upside, you are way too positive at 94 cents. I see it as a 52 cents, much less than you expect. Maybe we're too optimistic. I do think MU will gap above 25 on earnings.

    • old all my MU shares and will watch on the sideline until after earning call. MU stock is very volatile l and even if earning is good stock is still going to dip. If earning is so so then get out quick or your will loose a lot, however, fundamentally the stock is good so if you loose just wait/hold.

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