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  • robertmonement robertmonement Apr 11, 2014 4:29 PM Flag

    MU is the stock I've been looking for for 50 years.

    I've never seen a stock with such little risk and such huge upside potential. The option players may keep it buried for awhile because their games sometimes work for a short time. But every stock eventually returns to its value based on fundamentals and MU now is possibly the most undervalued stock in the universe. Do your own research on Google, etc. ... NO ONE says MU is worth less than $30/sh (it should be $45 based on current PE). Be patient, MU is your chance to make a fortune in the next few mos. Don't let the players keep you away from what may be the best (and lowest-risk) investment you will ever make. Just bot another 1000 shares at 21.15 and expect those to double by end of 2014.

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    • Thanks for the thoughtful posts below. Many different opinions but all have excellent points. good luck to all !

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    • Sadly, if you really wanted the stock of the century... look at Fannie Mae.

      If you are in it at 30c like I... and it gets to fair value $200 or so... then that will change lives.

      Meanwhile, Mu should easily be in the $30 range.

    • double huh?

    • The estimates have been raised that make the stock look very cheap on a multiple basis and it does look like the turnaround is intact..But you have to keep in mind just a few short quarters ago this company was consistently losing money qtr after qtr and the estimates of course can always change again for better or for worse..

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      • LOOK very cheap? This stock IS very cheap by any metric. And you're right, the turnaround is incredibly successful. You're also right that this company looked bad "a few short quarters ago". But, as another poster recently said: "This isn't your father's Micron". Both MU and the entire chip sector has become much more stable. Don't trade on the on the brilliant future of MU.

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    • Its undervalued but its going to without a doubt follow this correction down.Because of the parabolic move it has already made from single digits there is an abundance of investors sitting on large gains that will be spurred into taking the gains even as it drops further.Once in the teens most likely next week I will start buying and averaging down to as far as it goes during this correction.

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      • Unfortunately, you are correct. Regardless of P/E and what writers are saying, this stock continues to plummet. f40 wrote an interesting reply to a post where he described how the "new" short sellers work, and I am beginning to believe him. The crux of this is that these scoundrels, with black boxes & dark pools & other manipulation tactics, actually can achieve covering shorts without being noticed, and it can be seen by the ocean waves the chart showed on Friday. When will this worthless government do anything about this and hi-frequency trading? It's all talk, and will go nowhere; you'll see.

        I have large money on the line with Puts that are already in the money. Luckily, two of them are Oct & Jan., but I have Mays to worry about. They can bite you in the #$%$. Right now those 22 Puts have doubled in value since I sold them.

      • I agree that ALL stocks could follow the market correction down but in that case, we should all be 100% in cash. My point is that MU has already been held down so much in a good market, it has less downside risk than any VERY SUCCESSFUL company I know. How low does the PE have to get before the world notices that MU is a screaming buy? And, who can say when this short-term market correction will reverse again? My bet is Monday...which is why I bought more yesterday (Fri).
        I really doubt we'll see teens but if we do, I'll be averaging down also. Good luck!

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      • so maybe you should wait till it's a 4.00 again.
        good luck with that

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