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  • cheetah779920 cheetah779920 May 6, 2014 4:10 PM Flag

    Sorry cheerleaders, maybe tomorrow

    It was fun today watching you all jumping out of your shoes yipping something about MU closing the day above $27, $28 or $32 dollars. What happened?

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    • Cheetah shaddup you thought Mu be back at 25 and declining to 24-22 yet we are at 26.68 only down .06 when the overall market went down much more. Im happy with mu today. With two analyst confrences we'll close above 27. Dont come out here sayng we are cheerleader when your cheering it went down lol. And cheering we are wrong when you yourself dont know nothing, dont even offer and insight on mu, all you do is talk. Who said mu was goong to 32 today? We said it was going to 27 today and longs were right. You thought mu wud be down this week yet we are up from last week. Hope your short position burns you. Stop bashing on this bored. You dont have any reason to. If anyone needs bashing its you. Your the worst on this bored, you cheerlead stocksgirrl, dont offer any insight, and you bash us for the stock going down 6 cents. Wow even at least artscrafts offers insight when he bashes i think more people should have a problem with you rather than artscrafts.

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      • ccchris26 Don't point out any of the MANY bad calls cheetah makes, he'll demand you leave the board and not post anymore.

        The only cheerleading allowed here is by him and stocksgirrl patting themselves on their heads boasting about the great job they're doing and calling everything spot on.

        And to make matters even worse, he'll call you a jughead, or a chucklehead.

        Haha...."chucklehead" and he accuses me of talking like a 3rd grader.

        What a BoZo.

        The clown gets really ticked off if a long says the stock is going to $30, but doesn't have any problem with his self saying it's going to $22.

        He's the Gestapo here.

    • Yeah, had a correction today.

    • mikeandkay7 May 6, 2014 4:18 PM Flag

      Cheetah, You also have to consider the overall market drop. I sincerely think we would have closed around $27 otherwise. To be down pennies AFTER the recent run up is a pretty good showing especially considering the downward markets today. Quit a few Tech stocks sold off. I currently am long since Monday at a few pennies higher (I also traded Micron quit a bit today) but I don't have a huge position and Im not a cheerleader.

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      • I know mike. I agree with what you're saying. But all lot of these dumb dumbs don't think the market as a whole will ever effect MU because of MU's "strong fundamentals" (many of the cheerleaders have already stated that many times on this board). It's like they think MU is operating in a vacuum with complete disregard to this rest of the world. I respect you a lot mike, you were a broker and an MM and you retired at 32. It takes a bunch of smarts to do that!!! Also a lot of the cheerleaders on this board are currently sitting on big 9.5% margin accounts so that tells you what they have between their ears (NOT MUCH). I saw a lot of guys get taken out with that same attitude in 2000 as I'm sure you did too. But these guys will never learn because they're JUST A BUNCH OF CHEERLEADERS.

    • Hey cheetah, speaking of "What happened?"

      Where the hell you been boy, we been worried sick, we were getting addicted to seeing you here sucking up to stocksgirrl , patting her/him on the head all day telling her/him what a genius she/he is.

      Hey did you ever find that stockcharts site ?

      And speaking of stocksgirrl.......what's up with her/him?

      Cat got her/his tongue?

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