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  • Sour_Mash Sour_Mash Dec 23, 1997 7:29 PM Flag

    what next?

    i bought last feb. now i'm in the hole almost $5000! what is up with MU? SELL?

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    • HI CPQ?? Just following your small chest around hoping to garner a look at some real lemons, or should I say grapes. Must be
      lemons because you are so bitter. Whats the matter honey, vibrator battery running low again?? Just wanted to see if you post the
      same obnoxious stuff everywhere, yes apparently so !! Me and tiny will be looking for you. Yes, we will be consumed with finding
      you on threads everywhere, hoping we can catch but a small glance at your bovine butt and lemon drop chest, by the way would
      your butt fit in a GTW box??? Hmmmmmm bet not...see ya soon

      itty bitty titty you, XXXX tp

    • He's such a cute little [sorry tom] thing, isn't he. He usually saves his defication for the gtw thread. It was not nice of him to stop here and leave that tine [oops] gross disgusting message.

      We should all go to the gtw thread and psy Tiny Peni_ tom back in some small [sorry again Tom] way.

      He so wants a date, but I don't date men who do wierd things with ducks, and Tom does that.

      Cpq will be up Monday!!!!

    • Oh you nasty little breasted are here in hiding!! My oh my what a place to hide your sorry little mind! Guess the teenie peenie was toooooooo much for you to handle, ooops guess I should have driven my Mercedes, probably woulda fit with just a wee bit of slop, by the way if you find my keys in the next week please don't mistake them for the Ben Wa Balls I gave you for Xmas, jeezzzzz guess I should have given you basketballs instead, still want the midol honey????????

    • I look at the MU Board because I still have a couple hundred shares. I probably will sell all of it when I get my money back + a little profit. I'm tired of the rollercoaster + I bought the stock on someone elses advice. I didn't do my normal research.

      I know everyone is going to laugh but most of my cash is invested in Tandycrafts(hence my name "tandyman").

      It is a turnaround situation. Earnings are going to be released
      on 1/23/98 and the CFO assures me that they will be strong. The stock has been totally trashed but I expect by July or August it will double from its current level of around $4.5 to $9. Doesn't
      sound like much but when you own thousands of shares, it adds up.

      Check the Tandycrafts(TAC) board for more of my positive and informative messages.

      And to everyone else, may MU go up to $50(don't hold your breath waiting though)


    • You are absolutely correct. Verne and limey need to stay at the home. They are obnoxious and they do detract from serious conversation, and hopefully will eventually go away.

      To be honest I did not think I would find such support on this thread.

      CPQ ddid nicely didn't it?

    • I could not agree with you more. Limey and Verne are pigs of the lowest order. I am happy that someone else feels as I do in this regard.

      Don't feel bad about being a prude, I was once called a prude but I got over it. You will to.

      That Limey needs to clean up his act or he will end up in the hot place just as sure as he sniffs that denture cream.

      Glad to see your stock did ok today. Check out cpq, we had a little better day.

    • I must agree...this is the first time I have entered the message boards here and was surprised to see such foolishness. I would have thought these kind of responses would have disappeared along with one-line BBS's and hate subs.

      The best way to deal with an obnoxious person is to ignore them and they will eventually go away. Trading insults only keeps that person around and detracts from any serious conversation.

      Later on...

    • Wow!! I've read some of the recent messages and I can't believe how nasty they are.

      Can't we just enjoy the temporary bounce in MU without insulting each other??????

      I don't even find it funny. I guess I'm a prude.

      Hope everyone who wants to make money on this stock is successful.

      I made some and I lost some. In the process I even gained a few gray hairs. Needless to say, investing in MU can be a rollercoaster.

      take care.

    • Just as I was going to begin posting, I heard the bell. They are going to change your diaper now 38. That's a good senile citizen.

      I like your interpretation on CPQ, actually it stands for Crazy Porn Queen. OOOPS! Did your teeth drop out. What's that little thing you are hoding with the tweezers. No that can't possibly be your genitalia. No Limey that is not 38 feet long, that is .38cm long. I know how they measure where you come from but I thought the girls already explained that to you.

      Well Limey, put that little thing away, I don't need a tooth pick.

      Your such a card, an aarp card that is. At least you don't have to wear shorts that require a pocket, saves the co. on cloth.

    • I agree. I figure cpq stands for any of the following:
      Cow Pie Queen, Coquetish Plastic Queen, Consumnate Pig Queen, Completely Perfect Quack etc etc etc. I could go on, but I don't think its worth anymore ink.

      Thanks for the warning Verne36.

      Happy New year to you all. Go MU - Nice move today.

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