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  • tek55 tek55 Aug 6, 1999 1:02 PM Flag

    Yes, they have!

    And the easiest 3 5/8 points I've made in a long time. Just bought and sold.

    Boys, the trend is your friend. Stop watching DRAM prices.

    Nice weekend, everybody.

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      8/99 11/99

      lo estimate -.34 -.05 -.53
      hi estimate -.05 .91

      looking at the analysts earnings estimates for the next
      two q's and next fiscal year, it is very apparant the
      there's a great deal of uncertainty out there.

      comparison to other companies' estimates, mu is a crab
      and this isn't because there aren't a large pool of
      analysts making estimates.

      for speculators, this is
      a great stock to play, but one can't say the same
      for real honest to goodness investors.

      so for
      all those analysts that have been upgrading mu they
      are really targeting the attention of the momentum
      speculators not investors.

      but than again what do i

    • Only one month to first y2k event 9.9.99 - fortran computers shut down.

      Got gold?

    • JMIKE911, you are asking some good basic

      My intuitive leaning is telling me that Micron is
      going to go the way of the diskmakers and boxmakers.
      Some of the names that come to mind are wdc, qntm,
      rtrd, cpq, im, etc. All of these companies did
      extremely well for some time but at the end truth prevailed
      in the sense that it became apparant to the
      investors that the industry was mostly

      It also reminds me of the tv manufacturers
      back in the 60's and early 70's; rca, zenith, etc. did
      well until the asains got into the mix. Sony, toshiba,
      and the like took all the profit out and brought the
      demise of their american counterparts.

      Based on
      my limited knowledge of the chip industry, the same
      picture looks to me to be in place.

      The case for
      intc is different because of research and development
      of new technologies, but with mu there is no
      innovation or revolution of technology. They are just part
      proudcers of computers.

      With the ramping up of the
      256 dram from asia next month, i think mu will be in
      trouble as it is really now but one wouldn't know it from
      all the exubrance. they are not making any profit now
      as they were not last qtr; it's just that the street
      is excited that the prices for a change have gone
      up, so they are losing less. Prices ,btw, have gone
      up because many of the asian producers are gearing
      up for the next generation if you will of the memory
      chips. If the industry was not going through this
      transition, prices would have kept declining or sidetracking.

      I think once we have seen the apex, the slide is
      going to be very easily recognizable.

      My other
      feeling is that micron is in a countertrend to the
      market; meaning, as soon as the market turns up micron
      will turn down.

      but than again what do i know.

    • but the Nikkei is holding up...good for commodities?

      Why not.


    • the wierd typing bug is rubbiing off on you. be farecul yoly nveer noknw hwta ighmt appenhay.

      benito, z, etc

    • It is all so lose a little on each part but make it up in volume..


    • I just could not wait for the top to sell. I seem
      to have missed it a couple of points so far but the
      DRAM business being cyclical and the stock being super
      cyclical, I just have this feeling that in a couple of
      months or years (yeah, could be years), it will be cheap
      again and I will, once again, jump on the

      More news about 64 meg prices coming up will be good
      news for RMBS since I believe that the only way that
      RDRAM will come to fruition will be when it is
      profitable and the issue is forced. Intel backing off tgo
      the 133 MHz SDRAM is just the standard "target of
      opportunity" for them.

      Good luck to all of you (even
      pencil necked, scum sucking, jive ass, cross eyed, knock
      kneed shorts)....


    • a few questions I'd like
      comments/opinions/answers to.Is MU making money;they haven't that I've
      researched in quite some time.Is it true that it cost $10.00
      to build a DRAM Chip,if so how do they make money by
      selling them for 5.00-6.00-7.00????The chart on Micron
      looks great.However I am considering a SHORT
      position.Can it be the reason for the MU spike is because
      Commodaties have spiked because of inflation and MU is just a
      way to play it?Outside of Mommentum players bidding
      it up whats the deal???? Your responses will be

    • gota be v. clos tonthe top i think

    • dick, Thanks for your reply.

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