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  • beepoe111 beepoe111 Jun 12, 2013 6:54 PM Flag

    5 Million More For what?

    So, $5 Million of Tax payers money more to perform animal testing Why? Beacause some test showed "progress as a potential medical countermeasure" For Rabbits? We already know CMX001 lets Rats and Monkeys Die From smallpox it failed both tests.
    What do you hope to prove?
    That it still Kills Monkeys????
    After it fails this testing and the monkeys ashes are spread, Will you take your snake oil and Go away?

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    • permanent discontinuation for diarrhea in the CMX001 QW cohort. Three additional discontinuations in the trial were reported for abdominal pain (CMX001 BIW cohort), lower GI hemorrhage (CMX001 BIW cohort), and severe rash (placebo cohort). No new serious safety issues were identified in this trial,

      Who writes this garbage? what would they consider serious Death????

    • IMO Chimerix reeks of foul play when ones digs into their history of tampering with Siga's contract. Their paid gov't lobbyist John Clerici did the deals in the DC shadows so competition from Siga could be stalled. These guys are snakes.

    • The animal rule will most likely be averted because BARDA (under budget pressure) has no other choice at this time to buy into a 2nd smallpox antiviral. The only "real" drug is still ST246 and what ..."here come the judge" ole Parsimony himself will reinvent the law again!

    • The FIX is still in as it has been all along. The politicians that got involved in the BARDA contract to stifle it to a much smaller number for Siga, did so because they were told CMRX would go public soon and the stock would be offered to them at pre-IPO rates prior to. That is my personal opinion, and I'm sticking with it. It's all about the money. Follow the $ signs

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