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  • hdkuan hdkuan May 21, 2002 1:51 PM Flag

    Toyota 1995 Camry, bad engine

    I have a 1995 Toyota Camry which needs radiator flush. So I sent it to a garage to get the radiator flushed, right after the flush, the worker turned on the engine and internal rod flew out and broke the engine body. I have this car towed to Toyota dealer in Plano, Texas to be invetstigated. The worker tells me that the engine is old, 120,000 miles and it may break anytime. This is absurd.
    If I know that Toyota Camry engine will break after 120,000 miles, I'll never buy it in the beginning. I have taken good care of this car and follow the instructions to get everything maintained. Does anyone know that Toyota Camry engine will break after 120,000 miles?

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    • is this one of the intelligent post sammy is talking about?

    • Instead of the 800# (USELESS!), start with 410-760-1500, ask for a supervisor. Not sure where you're located, but this is Central Atlantic Toyota in Maryland. (that got a few things started for me) However, the biggest response I got was from the letter I actually faxed to Japan. Once you are finally able to make contact with the right people (past the dealership), things seem to happen. I feel like I have a brand new vehicle (about time - it only took ~ 8 weeks). Good Luck!

    • Tons of data available on Prius! Over 34,000 messages on the Yahoo Board and also lots on the new Prius board:

      Check this board out also: Go to Prius info on top left and then click on How it Works, and Specifications: great web-site and anything you need to know!

      Car is 100% warranty for 8 years or 100,000 miles. Free roadside assistance and Maintainence for 50,000 miles.

      Let me know if you want more info!


    • I was considering a Prius but haven't seen much on the web from consumers. How does it drive? What did they tell you about maintaining it? what about the batteries? I'm guessing they are very expensive. NiHm can cost alot when they're that big.


    • Last December we bought the 02 Prius, sweet looking Silver Stratus.

      We got 6.5 K miles on it now and haven't had a single problem. Highest Tech car on the road, IMO.

      Got 613 miles on last tank of gas! Gonna Try for 700 on next! Tank holds 11.9 gallons.

      Retired & Luv it!

    • yes! someone with a good story. Very gloomy in here...

    • Last May 2001 we bought the '01 Limited 4X4, added the gold-trim package. Sweet-looking Thunder Grey.

      We've got 13K miles on it now and haven't had a single problem. Nicest car on the road, imo.

    • Customer Service guaranteed me a reply back from my Monday phone call by the end of buisness on Thursday. Guess what, Today is Friday (NO REPLY YET)! Seems like they just love to stall and give no answeres. I understand more parts need to be replaced and they are still producing new with the same defective parts, good practice as everyone of them will eventually have to be replaced. Could cost TOYOTA MOTOR dearly, it has already cost them one customer, just by the way they are dealing with me!

    • In the past, toyota has always been proactive instead of reactive to solve problems with its cars. That is a main difference.

    • The 3.8 Liter Ford engine problem was almost exactly the same problem as the 3.0 Liter Toyota problem. Blown head gasket (blamed by the manufacturers on poor owner engine maintenance).

      That Ford engine was also installed on the Windstar with the associated problems.

      I know: my head gasket on my Avalon lead engine coolant - just like my best friend's Windstar. Every company makes mistakes and no company readily admits it.

      I just received the Toyota letter on Monday of this week that alluded to 3.0 liter Toyota engine sludge; that it's not a problem if an engine in properly maintained, but, ahem, if you do have problems (even though it's probably your fault), we (Toyota) will fix it for you. Well...I replaced the oil and filter every 3,000 miles (twice as often as Toyota recommended) and still had to have the engine head gasket replaced.

      I would NEVER buy a Toyota with this engine.

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