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  • nomoretoyota4me nomoretoyota4me Aug 25, 2003 2:29 PM Flag

    before you buy a toyota

    Posted on 25 Aug 2003 at 10:33.30 AM

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    In the past few days, I have received two e-mails from contacts who have related horrific engine fires in CSP-qualified vehicles. One of these was a 1999 Camry and the otther was a 2000 Sienna. One of the owners was told that the van caught fire "because the oil was not changed often enough." The owner had only driven the used vehicle 4,000 miles and in that time had had TWO oil changes! The other owner is IN THE HOSPITAL in serious condition with the aftermath of burns!

    Not often enough for the oil changes? Perhaps the AERA document is VERY ACCURATE. One needs to change the oil every 1,000 miles to prevent the very catastrophic damage caused by engine sludge (a.k.a. "lack of lubrication" or "oil starvation"). IS Toyota saying that every 2,000 miles isn't adequate now? IF SO, how can it get away with this?

    It is extremely important to note that to date, Toyota has maintained that this problem is #1) not its fault and #2) not a safety issue and #3) not related to the engine fires occurring. Remember, too, that Toyota has maintained that there is no problem with fuel contamination of the engine oil....that there is no inherent problem that CAUSES the sludge condition. This is despite ample evidence that these Toyotas are "unforgiving" with oil changes as per the owner's manual. This is despite confirmation that there is very high engine heat in these vehicles. Forgive me, but isn't this a recipe for a potential engine fire? How many owners need to report this before Toyota has some concern? How many owners need to report this before the NHTSA shows concern?

    Let's not forget that a couple of Sienna engine fires prompted the NHTSA to open a preliminary investigation. Since that time, apparently, the investigation was CLOSED. This closure came on the heels of CONFIRMATION of other owners experiencing engine fires in the CSP-qualified (a.k.a. sludge-prone Toyota engines) vehicles. What is going on here? Does this not make sense?

    IF you have had engine sludge/engine failure AND you are concerned about the safety of your vehicle, which is secondary to the enormous financial loss associated with the sludge, PLEASE sign my petition. Show your concern for all to see, especially Toyota. Thank you.

    Charlene Blake

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