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Toyota Motor Corporation Message Board

  • You know you are right this is toyota board but what I don't under stand how some people on this board talk about toyota as a shit car.They don'even like the shit truck. I like the board even if I don't own one.One thing I will say they did make jobs to put bread and butter in your kids mouths. I welcome all answers thats what makes us better people when we can Iron out what we have to say.

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    • Who died and left you in charge of message board policing ? A message board welcomes anti or pro Toyota comments . There is no "ironing out ", and Toyota does not put "bread + butter in my kid;s mouths ". Some folks have good experiences with their Toyota purchase while others have serious unaddressed issues with theirs. Thats why they have message boards in the first place . They are for consumers to "air " their grievances or kudos.

    • GM is very relevant. As the largest auto company, and the most influential, in the past, it is the target for displacement.

      GM has stepped over the bones of so many potential competitors that even the arguably great Henry Ford was reduced to being a "GM Watcher".

      What GM could not buy, it put out of business. Their outdated business model involves a cloistered, not a vibrant, mentality. GM put the USA to sleep many times, only stirring when it ratcheted DOWN on the shit-stick. Such wakeup calls came with the MG (killed by the Corvette), VW (killed by over-regulation), and the oil crisis of 1974. Never learning, they went back to the easy path. But it is our union members who pay for the lack of management vision.

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