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  • live_oil_free live_oil_free Jun 11, 2006 5:05 PM Flag

    Looks like Toyota is a weasel

    The A/C on one of our RAV4-EV failed, and Toyota says they only warrantee it for 36,000, they want $7,700 to repair it.

    This car only has 62,000 miles, and the A/C failed perhaps 20K or 30K ago (we seldom use A/C, of course).

    Imagine -- TM seems now just another company that won't stand behind its own mistakes, and instead, dings the customer with excessive charges.

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    • Oh what a feeling...

    • <GM make a tonne of cars, i bet the % would be quite low.>sic

      That's not the point - the point is is that the bashers are quick to try to sway others that GM doesn't make fuel efficient vehicles. It's obviously true that they are available and GM sells more of those (cummulative total of more than 1M vehicles for '05 models that got 30 or more mpg) than most think. Folks just choose to purchase the type of vehicle that they WANT versus what the greenies (and their ilk) say they should purchase. Thank GOD for our freedoms!

    • 30 models ?
      that figure is pretty useless

      a % figure of the number of GM vehicles which get over 30mpg would be more useful. GM make a tonne of cars, i bet the % would be quite low.

    • What's the big deal? For starters, the Chevy Aveo is Korean, the Pontiac Vibe is Toyota, there are other examples, they list same basic platforms more than once by using different brand names for the same car. Waving the flag for GM is also waving it for foriegn companies.

    • <Why not list 'em for all to see?>

      Look for yourselves...

    • I am a first time reader and this BS is sickening but I do understand the debate. I am ashamed to say I have not supported my country.
      I own a '95 Avalon, '96 Avalon, '92 Honda Accord, 95 Honda Odysey and a '96 Plymouth Voyager.
      All the Japanese cars are approaching 200,000 miles and as soon as they die I will look at American Alternatives. They just won't **** die! so i am stuck for awhile. The Plymouth has about 110,000 miles and is virtually shot. I was offered $1,000 in trade by the dealer last week after he did about $2,000 in work on it. I have three teenage rivers to really test these babies.

    • Why not list 'em for all to see? Conserving oil (and avoiding ruinous crusades to obtain more of it) is even more a patriotic duty than buying Union-made hardware.

    • "Just the facts"

      Ok, just the facts... Toyota employs 32000 americans and NOT 400000. McDonalds jobs are not Toyota jobs. Toyota only "generates" jobs where they employ the workers.

      This ad campaign of theirs is fradulent. Toyota doesn't employ 400000 americans.

      If the cars were bought from the domestics, the job number in the auto industry in this country would be HIGHER .. they did not create a single -additional- job in this country. The number of jobs in the US auto industry would be higher if Toyota didn't sell any cars or trucks in the US at all.

      Toyota imports more cars and trucks now than ever but has a FRONT of a few plants which they use to push their agenda of getting ignorant americans to believe they are an american company. They even put a few white faces at the forefront of US operations to make it look good... . They wouldn't want you as a neighbor but you can buy a car from them... who cares if they despise you.

    • And the UAW drives up the price of American products for fellow also are a great American.

      Also, I never realized that being a great American was based on the origin of the car you drive. So what you are saying is we had no great Americans before the invetion of the automobile....correct!!!!

    • Just the facts

      <"400,000 jobs generated This is what you call BS...>

      According to a 2005 Center for Automotive Research study

      <Toyota employs 32000 Americans and cannot take credit for jobs at the local mcDonalds>

      Toyota, along with its dealers and suppliers, has generated nearly 400,000 U.S. jobs

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