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  • screwed_by_lexus screwed_by_lexus Feb 26, 2008 10:49 PM Flag

    Why I probably won't be buying another Lexus

    I purchased a 2007 Lexus ES350. I was very pleased with the car until about ten minutes after I drove off the lot when I realized that I (or my passenger) could not enter a destination or use many of the other features of the navigation / audio system while the vehicle is in motion.

    I never would have purchased this vehicle had I been told of this limitation. Often, my wife and I drive together. One drives and the other uses the navigation system. This is not allowed in Lexus vehicles however. They consider this somehow unsafe.

    Nobody at the dealership told me about this intentional "safety feature". Numerous calls to Lexus were fruitless. Lexus would only offer me a small service credit. Meanwhile, a user who has a website devoted to this issue recently posted a copy of a check ($2650.00) he received as compensation for this very same issue.

    Now I feel like, not only doesn't Lexus care that I feel betrayed and mislead but they are, for some reason, offering one customer a full rebate where they offer me what amounts to little more than a token gesture.

    One of the reasons I left BMW and bought a Lexus was because of Lexus' reputation for excellent customer service. Unfortunately I have yet to experience that. I am afraid that if this issue is not rectified (a full refund similar to the one given to the other customer or the removal of the lockout "feature" I will not be able to purchase another Lexus (or Toyota) vehicle in the future. It is a shame because my wife is going to be car shopping soon and this issue is, for us, a deal-breaker.

    I find it ironic that Lexus calls this a "feature" yet doesn't disclose it prior to the sale. Don't most companies advertise their safety features. Yet Lexus keeps very quite about this one. I wonder why that is?

    I am the one who is ultimately responsible for the safe operation of my vehicle, not the manufacturer. It is their job to provide me with a tool. It is my job to use it safely!

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    • >>>>check out There are comments posted there from hundreds of people, most of whom agree with me on this. The owner of that site has posted, a copy of a check from Lexus in the amount of $2650 as compensation for this same issue.<<<<<


      Your motivation is showing boy.
      $2650 is why you're here. You're tyring to force Toyota to pay you (extortion) money.

      Get lost.

    • Gee there boy....I thought they had kicked your a$$ off this yahoo again. Oh well...its just a matter of time.

      Why you so stupid there boy?

    • crybabies rogerjessee, you r the worst one on the board u wacko. What time do they take your a$$ back to the rubbber room??

    • >>>>I'm done here. Good day<<<<<

      As if the world needs another cell phone, computer, nav system operator playing with the buttons while driving towards me and you and then wants to cry all over everyone because he's gotta stop instead of killing people.

      Here's a somewhere that cares.

    • LEXUS made the hudge mistake of coming out with a car that parks itself...guess what lawsuits followed.

    • you gonna drop $40 G's and not check out the options,,,you deserve what you got

      caveat emptor

      -you have been warned by the caveatkid

    • I suppose, since you have to resort to name calling, you have no valid arguments. I'm done here. I made my point and accomplished what I set out to do.

      Good day

    • It may be foolish to you but, last I looked, you weren't the sole arbiter of what is foolish in this world. Why are you so concerned with what I have to say. If you don't agree, simply buy another Toyota.

      Meanwhile, I feel strongly enough about this issue that I raised it here in an attempt to inform others. Why do you object to that?

      And as to greed, it is well beyond having to do with money. I'd be just as happy if they removed the restriction as if I received any monetary compensation. I only stated the rebate amount because the precedent seems to have been set. He go one so I feel I have the same right to the same compensation since it is the same issue.

      In any case, I'm done here. I have no desire to discuss this matter further with people who at best, have their own agenda and at worst, forgot to take their medication.

    • Why would I be more likely to cause an accident if I allow my wife to use the navigation system while I am driving? I am more likely to cause an accident if I have to pull over on a busy highway or in an unsafe neighborhood to use it.

      In any case, it is still my responsibility to operate the vehicle safely. It is not up to the care maker to force me to. The car still runs, even if the seatbelts aren't on. I notice that the speed it "electronically limited to 137 mph". Why not make it 65. They allow me to drive my car at up to 137 mph even though I can't do so legally anywhere in my state.

    • Geez, I wish I had the money to even think about buying a Lexus or even to afford the payments. Cry baby yuppy.

      I like my 2005 Sienna - doing very well.

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