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  • randy21867 randy21867 Jan 19, 2009 7:54 PM Flag

    toyota in federal court

    for patent infringement.... any comments

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    • SOLM.OB down 31% today, that had to hurt!

      I patted myself on the back for NOT listening to you folks who said it was better to buy SOLM.OB than TM.

      It's OK, don't play the shoulda woulda coulda game, you could kick yourself for not selling yesterday, but thats the way the market crumbles.

    • I know, I linked to that yesterday.

      SOLM is looking for OEMs to pair with...guess they shot themselves in the foot with Toyota on that one! Ya know, the #1 selling auto manufacturer in the world.
      Brilliant management over there at SOLM.OB.

      PS, if SOLM only has a $4 mln market cap, which is cheaper: buying SOLM outright for dirt cheap then shutting it down, or even thinking about a settlement.

    • Right now the new patent announced yesterday is the hot thing.

      Peter DeVecchis: "Once the technology encompassed in our patent is fully implemented, it will be possible for a consumer to drive into an automotive service center with a gas-powered car, have it converted and drive away with a PEV or HEV within hours. This concept makes former Intel CEO Andrew Grove´s challenge to convert 10 million PSVs (Pickups, Suvs and Vans) by 2012 a real possibility with a tremendous, positive environmental impact."

    • According to Yahoo, the last 8 insider transactions was insider selling. I guess they don't ave the same confidence as you in the outsome of the patennt case(s).

      Perhaps this is why...Q3 report

      "Peter DeVecchis, President of Solomon commented, "As we continue toward our goal of achieving cash flow breakeven operations..."

      That's your goal??? Breakeven?????
      Who goes into business to lose money or breakeven????

    • You are not interested in my trading but here goes:
      Started buying into SOLM in -06, got out in time to make some $$. Joined again in -08. My cost per share today is $0.00886 and yes, all of those darlings are still in the stable.
      Your last question I wouldn´t know much about.

    • Nope, I don't play the shoulda woulda coulda game.

      Remember, you don't actually have the money till you sell it, you did sell it, right? No? Well, hopefully tomorrow it won't fall a few fractions of a penny and you go back down 40%.

      Say, you mentioned your "today" average, what's your OVERALL average?
      You haven't been riding that pig down from the $4s, have you?

      Tell us what the management is doing with their shares, what have been the last say 8 insider transactions, acquisition or disposal?

    • Or you could whack your head for not buying SOLM when I did. Went from average 0.00886 to 0.0175 today, that meant a nice up of $6.350.

    • You mean SOLM.OB, right? As in over the counter exchange?

      Wasn't shares of Solomon at something like $2.50 in 2007?
      Now it isn't even worth 2 pennies?

      Yup, I can pat myself on the back for staying away from that piece of doodie.

    • SOLM up 105.9% today, maybe you Toyota guys should have hedged your bets buying SOLM shares, as our IHub moderator Ben jokingly suggested some time ago.

    • 1) You forgot to change back to per.severe
      2) you said, "Same outcome next time means Toyota lose, Solomon win" when the outcome was Toyota won & Solm lost
      3) SOLM shot itself in the foot for future opportunities with Toyota...

      "Solomon is working with and seeking additional industry partners to develop universal, drop-in electric drives to address the growing conversion market as well as for OEM deployment."

      4) Congrats, you have now reached "penny stock" status rather than UNDER a penny stock status. It's still OB, right?

      It's certainly cheap enough, perhaps Toyota should just buy SOLM outright, would probably be cheaper than any settlement (which is unlikely).

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