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  • tweetakken tweetakken Jun 8, 2009 1:18 PM Flag




    "Sales of the Prius in the US were down from 15,011 in May 2008 to just 10,091 for the same month this year. For the year to date, sales of the Prius in the US stand at 42,753 compared to 79,675 in 2008 – a drop of more than 45 per cent. "


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      continue boycotting japanese owned and operated lemon engineering garbage toyota/ only american owned and operated fords

    • Like clockwork the retard wakes, posts, and doesnt bother to check his posts. This is getting old. Since you will not even consider stopping trashing this board, I have paid my fee for Investor Village and will happily leave this board. It's sad you have really ruined a free service for others, oh well best to you and yours. Maybe you could do me one favor before I leave and put you on ignore... try being human, it works.

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    • Actually Tweety, my mother still resides in the US. And, I think she has a Toyota and a Chrysler. What would say about people like that? They are supporting the US auto industry. Or perhaps by your methodolgy she's a traitor. By not fully spending her dollars on American autos. Oh well your beloved Chrysler will soon be an Italian, Fix It Again Tomorrow (FIAT) brand.

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    • tjmaslar Jun 10, 2009 7:15 PM Flag

      It is Assholes like you who have no clue as to what is driving our economy. Toyota in the US has Five Manufacturing Plants not to mention the billions of dollars it spends on US Made Auto Parts in this USA. They are and always be a better run company simply because they are not controlled by the UAW which organization is the sole reason for the demise of GM and Chrsler as we once imagined it to be. Yes I said imagined, GM has lost billions during the last four years not just 2008/2009 During 2008 Toyota sold just about the same amount of vehicles as GM and profited 18 Billion US Dollars GM lost 38 Billion add that to the 18Billion they sould have made like Toyota and they squandered over 58 Billion US dollars. Where do you think all that money went. Don't blame foreign companies for coming into the US and making it a success after they are employing Americans while doing it not to mention the hundreds of millions they donate to charity. Do your homework before your talk out of your asshole.

    • I beg to differ Sir ! Americans never stopped buying GM products . Perhaps you stopped , or perhaps you have several GM products and enjoy kidding around on this message board. I side with the Box when he or she ( ? ) state only traitors stopped buying , only traitors talk crap about the big three, only traitors get tossed out of Canada , only traitors mistake Japanese purchases as " Smart " .The Box never blamed Toyota for the demise of GM because if I'm not mistaken there was no demise , they continue to do business with Government monies . By the way , you stated that being a smart consumer does not make one less American so I have a question for you Cobra . Why do you consider buying a Toyota as " SMART " ? Do they not break down ? Do they not have massive recalls ? Do they not have a busy service dept ? Do they offer better prices ? Is a Camry more beautiful than a Malibu or Pontiac G8 ? Are their trucks any stronger or do they tow more than the Silverados or GMC Sierras ? Is it smarter to pay Toyota 6.9 % for 5 years or pay Ford or GM Zero % ? I agree that the Horror of Pearl Harbor is over but I believe the Box brings it up as a reminder the Japs are not the Mother Superior Sam and Acting make them out to be because War is never over for those that lost loved ones . Did you lose a Mom , Dad , Grandpa , Grandma , Son, Daughter , Brother , Sister , or Friend in a war ? Any War ? The Box blames Sam and Acting 22 as well as their other multiple IDs . Your not a Traitor , are you Cobra ?

    • cobrawolverine Jun 10, 2009 5:41 PM Flag

      I think you have been asked that question first but refuse to answer.

      You poor? You lonely? Not sure why you hate America so much. Whatever your reasons are, I assure you, they are just yours. The rest of us want to live in a democracy with freedom of choice, something our vets have fought for. Something you would not understand.

    • Why do you hate us americans soooo much??????

      continue full force full effect global boycott against japanese owned and operated lemon engineering crap toyotas/ american owned and operated fords.........

    • Yes please someone please buy an American Fiat or a GM KIA coming soon for all Americans to laugh at.

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      continue global boycott of japanese owned and operated lemon engineering garbage toyotas/toyoda.........
      retaliate against japan with our own american protectionism

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