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  • tirekickingshopper tirekickingshopper Jul 30, 2009 5:27 PM Flag

    We learned how not to be a Traitor .

    Happened by a local Chevy dealer with my sister to peek at the much sought after Camaro and when we stated that the Scion was another possibility, the salesman said its thoughts like that that are responsible for the current state of this country . He mentioned the Rape of Nanking in China , Palawan Island where they tortured and killed US prisoners , Pearl in Hawaii , and finally the systematic murder of the United States monetary system by assembling Toyotas in KY under the pretense of being American . He also mentioned how the Japs hire Canadian spammers to monitor the Toyota message boards and caste blame towards GM and Ford should anyone question Japanese loyalty . My sister bought the Camaro .She has been called a lot of names but said she will never be labeled a traitor .

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    • So now you get a history lesson when you buy a car, interesting. They tell you some of the negative things that the Japanese have done to people. I can't believe you still bought a car from this dealership after hearing all that. If you got to sell that way and use those tactics to sell a Camaro, you are desperate - which is sad. The salesman is a pathetic creature. Also, your sister considered either a Camaro or Scion, totally two different types of cars. Let me see, take the powerful, stylist and expensive Camaro or the little boxy, fuel efficient, cheap, no power Scion? I would think if you are looking for a car you kind of know the type of style you want, not this kind of difference. I can't make up my mind, the Hummer or the Camry.
      This a bogus story - made up for whatever reason. A futile gesture.

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      • Isn't this a great country ? I offer up a simple post about my sister comparing a Scion with the Camaro and we get a resident detective mj1500 Kojack who thinks he cleverly solved a message board hoax . First of all where does it state my sister was comparing the Stylish Camaro to the boxey Scion XB ? The Scion brand is a subsidiary of Toyota, which also manufactures Lexus, so you know that the reputation for reliable and well designed cars is there , thus her consideration of the Scion TC , a very cute ,good looking reliable and economically well equipped sports car , priced a few thousand below the Camaro . You have the audacity to mention negative selling techniques ? Was it not Toyota that drummed poor American quality into American buyers heads for years ? Was it not Toyota that spewed hatred towards UAW drawing hundreds of thousands of buyers towards their products ? Was it not Toyota that attempted to cover up Sludge problems ? Toyota was first to lie to sell their cars and if American car salesmen are copying Toyota ,so be it ! Your as Bogus as Toyota . I'm happy for my sister and America is better off with her decision . America , love it or leave it .

    • cobrawolverine Jul 31, 2009 9:22 AM Flag

      The real traitors to our country are people who do not get an education and hurt or hinder our society.

      If I was working as a salesman I would probably say anything to get ignorant people to buy my product. To say that Toyota is responsible for GM's failures is not only ignorant and stupid, it's also saying that you agree with GM execs and how they ignored to make a product that consumers would actually buy.

      If you truely believe that salesman, you definitely are the true traiter to this country by not educating yourself and not contributing to the better of this country. You are nothing but a homegrown terrorist.

    • I see you of all people ( Airborne ) are caught up in this never ending Japanese propaganda machine. Pity ! Be a real American like my sister , do it for the country .

    • Hey Tire Kicker, GM Chrysler and Ford should have assembled better vehicles to not let the Japanese beat us at our own game. The US dominated manufacturing until our executives, engineers, and labor started producing substandard vehicles. It is our fault and blaming the Japanese and Germans for our mistakes is the same logic that all losing people employ. If you can't keep improving and exceeding the quality of your competitors you cease to exist and don't deserve to. Stop with your traitor crap for it is just a major copout.


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