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  • smell_phart smell_phart Sep 19, 2009 12:28 PM Flag

    More GM tragedy


    Police have released the 911 tape from a crash on August 29th that killed Kevin Bodie, UAW organizer Johnny Wad, his life partner Gay Teabags and their 13-year old dog Clovis. They were traveling in a rented Impala on Route 66 heading towards the end of the freeway at Cledus Ohio., when they called 911.

    On the tape you can hear Johnny Wad say, “We're in a Impala, we're going north and our accelerator is stuck.

    The dispatcher asks what they are passing? Wad says, "What are we passing? We're going 30! We're in trouble, we can't, there's no brakes, end freeway half mile.”

    The dispatcher asks if they can turn the car off? Wad says, “We are now approaching the intersection, we're approaching the intersection, we're approaching the intersection.”

    You can hear voices telling each other to hold on and pray and it ends.

    The car hit the rear of a SUV, over the curb, through a fence and into an embankment before becoming airborned. It then landed and rolled several times before stopping and bursting into flames.

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    • the crazy thing about the Detroit Lions is that they don't have to build a better team, the idiot sheeple fans continue to go every week.

    • Detroit Lions 0 for 2 this year. 18 loses in a row.

      LOL! That’s rich coming from a total POS like you. Your sole purpose is to bash TM because you are guilty as an accomplice to the ruining of an entire domestic industry. You and the rest of the TM basher pigs are what’s wrong with America. You blame others for your failures. You refuse to take responsibility for your actions and you lash out at the competition. Face it, Detroit can’t build cars or play football any longer due to petulant pricks like you and your basher pig cohorts. The uaw is nothing more than a spoiled misguided welfare to work entitlement mentality group of losers. What’s the Michigan unemployment rate, 17%? What’s the Detroit Lions record? 0 and 2, or 18 loses in a row? All you TM basher pigs are losers. Stop your crying and man up you clowns. America needs responsible men. Apparently something Detroit has a lack of these days.

      Build a better Camry and America will buy it. Bottom line. TM’s are just better. Bottom line.

    • The Big boys are now Little boys.Most are gone & more to leave as plants close & products that Americans didn't want go away.End result--Toyota & Honda will get bigger & better---just the facts---look around.You never saw so many Toyotas on the road as today.

    • Now that Toyota is hitting the news stands because of run away vehicles, along with all of its other problems. The Worm is Turning. They should have stayed with just the Corolla and Camry. But they tried to play with the big boys. Now they produce death traps.

    • So sad to see idiots thinking no one dies in a domestic product. America is being dumbed down big time just like cattle bred fo slaughter most Americans are so freaking stupid they believe any BS.

    • The GM and Ford uaw shills were found fused together naked in the 69 position. A man in a 2007 Camry was first on scene. After finding the gay uaw turds, witnesses say the man pissed on them and left the scene. 3 days later emergency services arived at the scene because the ebonics speaking on-star dispatcher was on crack and couldn't read a map.

      Ford stock up .2 cents.
      GM stock.....Oh wait, there is no stock.

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