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  • Blue_Mountain1 Blue_Mountain1 Dec 5, 2009 2:51 PM Flag

    Box should avoid posting deep thoughts.

    Box, you should avoid posting your deeper thoughts. They are disturbing. You equate buying a Toyota to religion and call for Jesus to judge harshly those that do? Bizarre. I think you are suffering from psychosis, a severe distortion of reality. Your posts are getting more and more warped.

    Here’s some news for you: Japan surrendered unconditionally.

    The surrender of Japan in August 1945 brought World War II to a close. By August 1945, the Imperial Japanese Navy effectively ceased to exist. On August 28, the occupation of Japan by the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers began. The surrender ceremony was held on September 2 aboard the U.S. battleship Missouri, at which officials from the Japanese government signed the Japanese Instrument of Surrender, officially ending World War II. The Allied policy was to accept only an unconditional surrender.

    At the outset of the Occupation, General MacArthur, acting under policy guidelines from Washington, D.C., made clear that the Japanese government was responsible for the economic recovery and stabilization of Japan. Though the United States provided foodstuffs in 1945-46 to stave off widespread hunger, the Japanese themselves were to maintain control over wages, prices, and the rationing of commodities in short supply.

    Washington sent Detroit banker Joseph Dodge to insist on a program of austerity: a balanced budget; fiscal, monetary, price and wage stabilization; and a viable yen/dollar exchange rate together with maximum production for export. ***That's right you bashing dolt's. A guy named Dodge from Detroit.*** For their part in this mutual endeavor of economic reconstruction, the Japanese set up the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1949 to further priority production policies of targeting key industries for growth and expanding foreign trade.

    Japan is now our friend and ally. The war has been over for years. You behave like you have been isolated on an island without knowledge of this. I suggest you see the Clint Eastwood directed and acted movie Gran Torino. There are a lot of lessons to be learned.

    Why do you TM bashers hate Japan so much while at the same time Harbor Nazi war criminals. The uaw and Detroit is full of them. There is one on trial in Germany as we speak.

    Box, spayed again.

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    • Bump. This thread is just too funny.

    • It is your responsibility as a daughter to help him. Don’t wait until your father gets caught shooting at Toyota’s along the highway. When the police ask if you saw signs that he was heading down that path you are going to look back in regret at his behavior on this message board. WWII has been over for six decades. We won. We rebuilt Japan and Germany and they are both our friends & allies and a legal part of the global economy. Get over it already. At least consider taking his computer away or turning the parental filter on (works for older folks also). Make yourself or your mother the primary account holder. He’ll never figure it out. Maybe get him down to the senior center to meet some people and get involved in board games instead. And stop trying to speak for Jesus. You and “the box” as he refers to himself in the third person, (WHACK JOB) are not qualified to. I am positive he does not care what brand car I drive. You all sound like you belong to Rev Jeremiah Wright’s church of hate.

    • The only thing the Box must avoid is the BS thrown around by anti-American posters Sam, Blue mountain, Birdmom, Airborne, hirsute , and perhaps another handful of paid for ( pennies only ) spammer pigs who would have us believe that what the Japs did to our Americans at Pearl was just a figment of our imagination or that our War Vets should be scorned . They should be very worried however because their hatred towards America and those who died defending America has not gone unnoticed by Our Lord Jesus Christ and the penalty for scorn is swift and just . This has nothing to do with the weak or credit challenged buying a Toyota .This is a call to Jesus to to apply the greatest penalty to the few who dont appreciate this country . Be ready you jokers , because Jesus will strike when you least expect .

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      • Wow, you went off the deep end. You are a complete nutcase. Would Jesus condone your hatred? You are very disturbed.

        How many times can a box be spayed?

        I’m not begging you to buy a Toyota, so why do continue to beg Toyota customers to buy GM and Ford? I could care less.

        You bashers come on this board (TM’s house) and are the aggressors, agitators and antagonists. You cry about TM and “bray” how much you like GM and Ford. Not the other way around. Then you get knocked on your azzes every time. It’s a free world and a free board so if you like being humiliated and made a fool then by all means continue on. Even bring Jesus into it if you must. Koo-koo, koo-koo!

        My Camry continues to be the best car I have ever owned. I have owned several GM’s, a Dodge, and a Ford. My Camry’s Trunk lid has more style and character than any of the butt-ugly, plain and uninspiring cars that GM and Ford have to offer. If your opinion differs, then so be it. I could care less.

        You will never convince the millions of Americans that you disagree with so why do you even bother? You and the other TM bashers have made total clowns of yourselves, and have done nothing positive to help Detroit’s cause. If anything, you damage it more with each desperate post. You all sound beaten and I’m embarrassed for you.

        Again, I could care less what you drive, so why do you care so much about what I drive? Now let the name calling begin. Ready? GO!

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