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  • samcanam2001 samcanam2001 Jun 6, 2010 11:23 AM Flag

    The government & media both tried....

    pounding Toyota from all angles from floor mats,gas pedals,spare tires,brakes & more but no BK.Congratulations to a strong company.How about tires & gas tanks?Even that won't work Mr. Hood.

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    • This one picture sums up the Dead-Ender, Liquid Motors and why real Americans are fed up with duhtroit:

    • I gave your post 5 stars only to draw attention to how ridiculous your statements are . " Congrats to a strong company " ? Are you nuts ? The Media crushed us ! This runaway stuff bit Toyota hard in the ass . It wont go away . I've said this many times before , " the only customers Toyota get are the ones wanting their money back " . Your proud because there is no BK ? Its worse than a BK . Do you have any idea what its like for a Toyota store to go from 1000 sales per month to 100 ? No , you dont !
      You are probably some salaried executive making the same money you did before this crisis began . If you think this is a joke or that Hood is the main cause you are on the wrong track son . Toyota could have solved this years ago. Now the entire world knows Toyota's business . The world knows Toyota cars and trucks break down , the world knows Toyota trucks have a huge rust issue , the world knows Toyota is not God's special no problems car . Toyota is hurting big time ! If it wasn't for the Oil spill things would be even worse for Toyota . Who cares about a BK ?

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      • Nice try Detroit-Dead-Ender:
        aka - itswhatsintheboxthatcounts
        aka - assistantgeneralmanager
        aka - tirekickingshopper
        aka - marykayefay
        aka - iknowwhowasdrivingthatnight
        aka - beneyisrael
        aka – customershateme
        aka - toyotasoldier
        aka - politicalpricing
        aka - flacrackerjacker
        aka - constman1959

        Pretending to work for Toyota now. LMAO!! You are lucky to be a loser salesman for Liquid Motors/GM. How many Cobolt sales did you lose today. Toyota loves you. keep up the good work.

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