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  • mrhotdamn mrhotdamn May 13, 2011 10:41 AM Flag

    I may feel like I am getting water boarded but I am sticking to my positions

    I think a lot of you longs are being suckered by the big boys. Just a gut feeling, but it is based on the fact that there is no concrete good news for Toyota. I am not attacking TM's car quality. I am just saying the finances are definitely going to be in the crapper for years. Its so bad they haven't provided guidance. My guess is if management was truthful it would sink like a rock thrown in water.

    Anyway I have months to go before we see if I am wrong or right. If I am wrong I'll only be out the cost of my Puts which obviously have been cheap lately.

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    • I appreciate you having an investment thesis and trying to capitalize on it.

    • be careful if you buy a TOYOTA TACOMA truck. There is a screeching wind noise that comes in about 60 mph and gets continuous and louder the faster you go.

      The TACOMA has this very loud noise built in to the windshield design and toyota does not want to talk about it . It is deafening at 75 mph. Two of my friends who have TACOMAs have the same screech as i do.

      It sounds like a rooster crowing.The service manager says it cant be stopped.

      DOES ANY OTHER TACOMA owner have this loud wind nois, and can it be corrected?????

      please reply

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      • Yes

        I have a friend with a 2007 TACOMA basic 4 cyl truck and he has this loud wind noise---he says it also come in with a scream when a big truck passes.It is almost continuous at 75mph and very loud.

        He has complained but got no satisfaction ---so he keeps his speed under 110k or about 60 mph

        to bad because it will run over 90mph .
        surely a top company like toyota can cure a wind noise.This could be a big safety issue

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