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  • maryfaykay maryfaykay Sep 19, 2013 8:48 PM Flag

    Toyotas Once Again Killing Americans ?

    have already considered many times the electronics and cars coming out of Japan and how much radiation is built into them now through their parts. This is including parts for any car too, I have wondered about.

    I don't have a radiation detector but if I did I would be quietly going around checking out Nissan/Toyota/Lexus, etc. new car lots and silently walking by the various cars to check out if they register for radiation.

    In fact does anyone who is reading this have a radiation detector that would consider doing that?

    I definitely would not buy a Toyota in any way shape or form in the future, now that it is coming out that they are seriously considering putting/storing Fukushima radiated rubble/waste on their factory property as a final disposal site. They have said "If they are formally asked, they will do it."

    Toyota decided to consider to build a final disposal side for disaster debris in their Tahara factory.
    It is on the condition that Aichi prefectural government gets agreement of the citizens.
    Toyota states, if they receive a formal requirement from Aichi local government, they will be forward to consider.
    Tahara factory is 3.7 million m2, manufactures Lexus.
    Omura, Aichi governor states they want to accept the debris by the end of the year even if they can’t have final disposal site built. They will accept it in their temporary disposal site.
    How can they possibly consider doing that? Don't they think that the radiated debris on their factory site as a final disposal location could affect the parts/cars they manufacture? Thus radiation could go around the world and affect people who buy their cars?

    I also don't understand why Japan has to feel it has to distribute radiation around the country. Instead of putting it in the Fukushima area, which is a waste land at this point. Let's be honest, no one will ever be able to live back in that area again for hundreds of years.

    Tokyo is have radiation problems, which the government is hiding and not being honest with the people.

    The Fukushima plant is just as critical and unstable if not more than over one year ago. Reactor 4 could explode at anytime. Reactor 2 which is the only one that has not exploded of the 4 together is now critical and the temperature has been high for over a month. They did a scope down it and could not find the fuel rods. It seems the rods may have melted. The amount of radiation inside the building would kill someone in 8 minutes completely dead if they were exposed to it.

    What is absolutely disgusting is the fact that the cores melted down in the beginning and they never admitted it. They have lied over and over again to the world (Japan govt, TEPCO, U.S. govt and IAEA) saying things are stable and they are in a cold shut down. BullS***! There is no cold shut down. The reactors have melted down, it is worse than Chernobyl.

    All I can say is I will Never buy a Toyota vehicle in the future.

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