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  • samcanam2001 samcanam2001 Dec 23, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    #1 selling American car 15 years ina row--CAMRY

    Wow what an accomplishment.Americans have spoken.

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    • ANd what is the Corolla, chopped liver? It also performs well. The new bigger version will be great. My 2010 has over 80k miles. No repairs, original breaks and battery. Will have to change those in the winter though. Although, the headrests bug me. I had to swap out the rear for the drivers headrest. I also noticed that Honda's headrest pushes the head forward at an uncomfortable angle. Does anyone still make swiveling head rests?

    • The car the single handedly bankrupt gm and turned them into Welfare Motors. Just ask anyone from duhtroit.

    • Love that car. Best I ever had. They even change your oil on recall when you need it. Repair costs in 2013: zero. My GM truck is always in the shop. Everything fails all the time but it NEVER gets recalled. Repair cost in 2013 were over $7000!. GM, recall my truck!!!!! Now!!! I am going broke!!!

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      • Hooray! the audi is gone from my garage! just got a camry 3 months ago. problem with the audi (it was #$%$ to drive and very solid( is that something ususally associated with the cars electronics would go on teh fritz. couuple fo eyars of tht and bye bye. no, the camry does not drive as nice, but i also dont get bothered that the interior is getting dirty from winter. it is an appliance. when the kids leave the house, then i can get someting i really want to dorive. til then, give me dependability and low maintennce costs.

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