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  • samcanam2001 samcanam2001 Jan 20, 2014 1:42 PM Flag

    Resale value for Tacoma????

    Talk about resale value.When u can buy a 2011 Tacoma for $4,000 less than a new 2014 comparably equipped----that's resale value.Ford,GM or Fiat don't come close!!!

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    • Sam : You are truly an IDIOT ! The fact that a 3 year old Tacoma is $ 4000 less than a brand new Ford GM or Fiat simply means that it's overpriced . Only a loser with poor credit would consider buying a pre-owned , out of warranty Tacoma when they could get a brand new vehicle for $ 4000 more. The truth is they don't qualify for the newer vehicle just like you and your girlfriend Blow Mountain who continue to struggle making payments on a 1989 camry .

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      • I recently sold my trouble free extremely reliable 2003 Toyota Tacoma SRS extended cab with 303,495 miles on it for $6500 and used the $6500 to buy a Toyota Prius for its superb gas mileage, reliability and high resale value. My Tacoma was in mint condition and was still running like it was new. I never ever worried abou getting stranded with my Tacoma and never had any repairs needed on it. If I were evaluating a brand new Ford, GM or Fiat, verus a used Toyota Tacoma, I'd buy the used Toyota Tacoma based on personal experience with the UNRELIABILITY of Ford, GM and the frequent large repair bills that go with Ford/GM and frustration of getting stranded everywhere with Ford/GM which has been my experience with Ford and GM. I'll never buy another one of those unreliable pieces of junk. Fiat? Are you kidding?

      • Read the post very slowly Box."U can buy a 2011 Tacoma for $4,000 less than a new comparably equipped Tacoma" not a brand new Ford,GM or Fiat.They aren't in the same league especially the all new Fiats{Chrysler}.

      • Well stated Marygay.This is why most people lease a Tacoma.Resale makes for a great lease.High residual makes for a low payment.You are so smart gayblade "BOX".

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