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  • upsetwithtoyota upsetwithtoyota Jan 11, 2000 6:54 PM Flag

    Beware Toyota Extra Care policy

    Yes, the Toyota ExtraCare policy is direct from
    Toyota (email: I tried in vain at
    Toyota (national) to find someone who could see the
    injustice but it seems the warranty insurance arm of Toyota
    is accountable to no one. One person at Toyota told
    me �perhaps you should seek outside aid.� In other
    words, sue. You said: �if all you say is true you have a
    valid claim.� How? I see now the Toyota policy �fine
    print� does exclude sludge as a causal factor in engine
    failure. That you properly maintained the vehicle and
    changed the oil on schedule does not matter. That the oil
    light did not come on does not matter. That the damage
    was apparently due to a previous owner�s neglect does
    not matter. BUT potential neglect by a previous owner
    is the VERY REASON we bought the policy. No matter�
    Toyota warranty said �take that up with the Toyota
    dealer that sold you the car�.

    And it gets
    worse� when we had the car towed to Toyota and we had to
    sign a paper that we would be responsible for expenses
    necessary to diagnose the car. The Toyota dealer had to
    REMOVE the engine for the warranty inspector to examine!
    This cost us $735!!!!! They put us on the hook to the
    tune of $735 to diagnose the engine failure that they
    then declined to pay for!! At that point we could have
    towed the car elsewhere with hood and the engine
    partially disassembled engine in baskets but we didn�t
    (probably a mistake � the cars not done yet ). In calling
    around it seems that $700 to $800 is the standard charge
    for pulling and reinstalling an engine � half of
    Toyotas charge.

    Then either the dealer or
    warranty branch is lying about who diagnosed the reason
    for engine failure� the dealer told me there was a
    �little sludge� but they said �the Toyota warranty
    inspector makes the diagnoses for the failure�. Toyota said
    that the DEALER diagnosed sludge as the cause of
    failure and their inspector just verified it one of them
    is lying.

    Why I post here? I had to start
    somewhere, have you got any other ideas? Will the BBB do
    anything for Toyota �national�? The car isn�t done yet but
    I�m not sure I have a legally actionable recourse
    against the local dealer and the �fine print� seems to
    let Toyota (national) off the hook.

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    • Found this on the Toyota web site:

      stands behind the dependability and performance of every
      Certified Used Vehicle with a comprehensive warranty
      program featuring::
      � All Toyota Certified Used
      Vehicles come with a Toyota factory warranty
      � A
      128-point quality assurance inspection
      Reconditioning by Toyota-trained technicians

      6-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty from the original date of
      - Warranty covers most major engine and
      transmission components - see your dealer for details

      (remember: whore and dealer are one in the same.)
      Valid at over 1,400 Toyota dealerships in the U.S. and

      It seems to me that after the 128-point inspection
      the dealer should have notice that this may be a
      problem. What causes "sludge"? With a max of 3500 miles
      since the last oil change sludge could not build up to
      the point of ruining the engine without some sign of
      trouble, knocking and overheating come to mine. I�m not
      sure if I would take the dealers word that the engine
      needed replacement. Again, I would contact the BBB. They
      would be able tell you if this dealer has a history of
      dishonoring major claims with phony excuses. If you find a
      pattern it would help when talking to Toyota national.
      Also check with the people who changed the oil, some
      of the major oil distributors offer a guarantee
      against this sort of thing. You can also write to one of
      the larger newspapers. Many of them have an auto
      columnist that love to check out things like this.(Chicago
      Tribune in my area.)
      Good luck and don�t give up
      without a fight, a squeaky gear gets the most grease (no
      pun intended).
      One last thing I found on the
      Toyota site:
      � Optional 6-year/100,000-mile
      comprehensive service contract available for ENHANCED PEACE OF
      I assume you purchased this for the additional
      $800. Lawsuit comes to my mind with punitive damages
      for grief and hardship.

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      • I'm not sure it was a "Certified Used Vehicle"
        with the 128 point inspection. Our policy was for two
        years or 24,000 miles. In any case I'd bet you money
        that the "Certified comprehensive warranty" you
        mentioned has fine print excluding sludge as a cause of
        failure. And I'd bet in the event of engine failure the
        warranty would not pay and Toyota Motor Insurance Services
        would refer you to the back to the dealer blaming them
        for an improper inspection. Or they would blame the
        oil change stations for installing �inferior oil.�
        They really don�t care about the reason for the
        failure, as they told me, �the contract you signed
        excludes damage caused from sludge and we won�t pay.�

        You are in the Chicago area, so are we. The car was
        purchased at Toyota of Naperville and when we got the car
        it was heavily perfumed� after a few weeks it became
        apparent the perfume was there to mask a foul smell�
        detail shops and upholstery treatments only helped for a
        few days. We assumed the previous owner had a dog
        that urinated on the seats� after nearly a year, and
        taking the interior apart twice, we found the problem� a
        pound of hamburger wrapped in cellophane between the
        right quarter panel and the trunk trim panel. The
        previous owner apparently wanted to stick it to the
        dealer. I�m sure the dealer didn�t know the hamburger was
        there but he did know about the smell�

        Yes, I
        will write the newspapers and everyone else I can
        think of. And after we get the car back I�ll tell you
        which Toyota dealer is screwing us now on the engine
        repair and how bad they got us.

        Thanks for
        listening. Did you use to work for Toyota? Or are you a

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