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  • Billy_Raye_Valentine Billy_Raye_Valentine Oct 27, 1999 5:52 PM Flag


    we'll roll now...nothing standing in the way...

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    • You are insignificantly ignorant.

      I see that someone named CRCraig already drew a picture on the wall with crayons so you can understand I wont bother.

    • Glad to see that you've returned to tell us about
      how terrible of a company that MCLD is. It seems that
      when the stock goes north you get on your soap stand
      to complain. You should have never shorted a stock
      that has Clark McLeod at the helm. Past history is no
      indicator of future performance, but with Clark's history I
      would toss that out the window and bet long. The ride
      is going to make many millionaires just like his
      previous endeavor.
      CrDoug, I think anyone in Cedar
      Rapids knows the story of Clark McLeod and his
      successes. I personally know the stories because of
      relatives that work for the company, but it's amazing that
      no matter who you hear it from, the story is always
      the same and the details are very rarely
      Balance sheets mean nothing in my opinion at this point
      with this company, unless Clark McLeod says that he is
      leaving. (Fat Chance!) I only wished that I owned more
      stock. Even at 50 this stock still has a lot of room to
      improve. I wonder what will be the next split date and
      price. Perhaps an announcement in March for an April
      split at $70?

      Congratulations to all those who
      were lucky enough to be a part of this run, and for
      those who shorted, it's not too late to hedge your


    • She done her usual "drop like a rock" btw 3:30 and 4...44 5/8 to 43 3/16!!...Hope you got in
      BRV...Orange Juice Pits, Chgo

    • I am employeed by McLeodUSA in Denver, we as a
      company are very excited to say we are a flurishing
      company. I have read most of the messages provided on this
      page, and have found thoes that are on board know what
      is up for the will all be very
      rich...have a nice holliday...

    • Does anyone know anything about this:

      There have been many rumors out that ATHM was going to
      buy EVCI. ATHM and EVCI recently announced a
      co-marketing agreement.

      Here is the thing, though.
      When EVCI announced co-marketing agreements with AT&T
      and Bell Atlantic, they made large announcements with
      lots of information. This is all that was to the ATHM

      YONKERS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 22,
      1999--Educational Video Conferencing, Inc. (Nasdaq: EVCI; PCX: EVI;
      BSE: EVI) has entered into a co-marketing agreement
      with Excite@Home to provide access to programs offered
      by EVCI's education providers over Excite@Home's
      high speed Internet network.

      I think there is
      more to this considering all of the other events that
      have been occuring with EVCI and the difference in
      announcements of "all" of the other events
      compared to the "ATHM" announcement.

      Does anyone
      know more about this??????

    • "there is no value in this company."
      nor is there any value in your input.
      get a life.

    • This company may have debt but it also has a need
      for accounts. CLETS must have an account base in the
      future or they will never make it in the Telephone
      industry. If you are concerned with the debt load of this
      stock it is not for you. You know your risk levels. I'm
      sure any stock on the board has risk levels. It is
      true this one has it's risk level. If you owned a
      company like this one you would understand what risk is
      needed to win the numbers game.

    • Nice day for MCLD longs. Too bad that our bitter
      friend is so unhappy. All longs should be smiling. My
      original investment in August has almost already produced
      a two bagger. I wish that the rest of my portfolio
      was so successful.

      Have a great weekend!
      Hopefully, we'll have another good run next

      BTW, where are you highlander? Good work Trailcruiser!
      We are all profiting due to the hard work of people
      like yourself. Keep selling. Thanks


    • People are investing in future promises. The
      management team is very strong and meets or exceeds
      expectations each quarter. There is the value! I am certain
      that if people were to look strictly at the balance
      sheet (with no concept of the growth that this company
      is experiencing), many would too be skeptical.
      Hopefully, you understand that there is more to investing in
      any company than just the balance sheet.
      I doubt that Forstmann would have invested 1
      billion in MCLD if the future weren't bright and if MCLD
      had not already shown a successful track

      Hope that you have some cash to cover. Buy now while
      it's still relatively inexpensive. You'll be glad you
      did in a couple of years.


    • But if you're not comfortable, then by all means sell

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