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  • msears99 msears99 May 20, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

    How bad is Fve compared to CSU

    We have slightly lower earnings... Yet we are almost debt free.... Csu carries almost full mortgage s on there facilities....

    They have 2.5 x the market cap..... That's because we are effectively a shell company for SNH,and RMR

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    • mckay cannot do an accreative aquisition.. he has no credibility anymore.. any debt he encompasses now on the company will crash the stock probably into sub $2.00... this company has no firepower, no exacution,no confidence, no direction, no backing, no wall street,bay street, nothing... once again its a shell

    • Why does mckay continue to spew the same propaganda all the time.. even the last analyst called him on percentage of earnings to revenue is terrible... we will never see .40c a share in earnings again... so in effect RMR won on the last delution of shareholders...In effect rising the revenue and kicking the shareholder... driving there managament fees... Same game as CWH employs....

      Mckay must go at all costs.

    • Wildfun... You won't get any satisfaction from IR... The last thing these guys want is the negative attention as per commonwealth is now in... The setting is almost worse in a sence....Corvex has established a long term position to oust the board.... The biggest shareholder of Fve is SNH....ya..that's right... Talk about protecting the firewall....

      Think about it this way...say our assets ate worth 300 million on our owned assets..our 30 facilities... At a 7% return on capital which these guys can make....those assets should be making us 21 million alone..or .44cents a share.... There debt free basicly.. And have occupancy levels close to 90%

      That just shows you how much milking SNH and RMR are doing to us.....they milk our profits on our owned assets..and subsidize themselves.

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      • We look to increase occupancy the flow through on that will be pretty phenomenal, every 100 basis point increase in our occupancy brings about $10 million of additional revenue most of which falls at the bottom line.

        Once again on the road show McKay preaches the propaganda today... But this time some tougher Q and A was inform of him... Like why the small insider holdings...why nobuy back ones taking mckays b .s no more

    • jdnmsira May 20, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

      Why complain to this board? The annual meeting was last week and, as usual, nobody from this yahoo message board showed up to voice their concerns. So play it for what it's worth. It oftens trades in a range that makes for great for day trades. Maybe just keep some for the long haul and then wait for that miracle buyout. Or, like grampy, get rid of it, buy it back like at 2 or 3 again and then hang on for the reverse. There's money to be had, ya just gotta throw away those charts and squeeze it.

    • We take all he execution risk with very little upside opportunity or the shareholders.... It should be illegal to knowingly take on operations that will not benefit shareholders.... And taking discounted fees are just that...

      You can t make money operating Snh facilities for 3 %

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      • The arrangement with SNH and RMR hasn't changed in years. During that time, the stock has traded between about a $1.00 and $12. If you purchased at a $1 - you are happy. If you bought at $12 - not so happy. The current issue is occupancy - very simple. If they move occupancy up, the stock will go up.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • This arrangement did not just happen. Why were you like RT so bullish on the stock several months ago. Did you not know this then. You were a major supporter of management. Or are you just irate because you were badly beaten up and apparently sold all your shares. Are you hanging around looking for a better entry point? Why don't you raise your points and directly question management on a conference call?

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