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  • duckduffer duckduffer Nov 4, 2005 11:39 AM Flag

    Balance Sheet to Banko

    You gotta love guys (?) like Momentumm. Trying as hard as he can to make the case that bankruptcy is around the corner. Trying as hard as he can to create a panic sell from weak hands. Not a nice thing to imply. Bankruptcy occurs when a company is no longer able to meet their financial obligations to creditors/vendors/employees. We're a long way from this occuring with Danka. In your 1-2 quarter end of the world time frame, I fully expect to see an uptick in the value of this stock. Hey, as long as no one takes you seriously, we can all get a smile from your chicken little posts. PS- now would be a good time to post as chicken little.

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    • I love your only refutation is so bland and doesn't address my post specifics.

      Duckduffer, as I've said prior you need to extricate yourself from the backass of whatever fowl-feathered friend you have your head buried in.

      I know I'm "bashing" on your blushing bride, but that doesn't make what I'm saying untrue. Maybe you need to consider a divorce? Or how about reading the legal definition of Bankruptcy?

      If you don't think that there is a clause in the bank credit lines and the bond-holders agreements that states that assets have to EXCEED liabilities then you are too daft for my help alone. That is a standard clause and I mean it's in each and every one of those agreements. Again, seek professional help immediately.

      Do you really believe that institutions are going to loan money(hundreds of MILLIONS BTW) to a company and then let said company simply chew through all the assets that secured the loan in the first place? Not bloody likely.

      I do believe they covered that in Business101, but that would assume that you attended some type of institution of higher learning or at the very least can read which is a real leap of faith when reviewing your "Strong Buy".

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      • While you're drilling down to specifics, please do share with us, momentus putz, exactly what the convenants are on Danky's long term credit agreements? You are a BS master, throwing out generalities and then claiming to have rolled up a bulletproof business case. Anyone can do basic math off a balance sheet and profit loss statement. If you have actual viable proof of what you are saying, then produce it chump. You're math calculations mean nothing without real research on what Danky's obligations to their creditors actually are. Thus you are..chicken little. Bugaack..bock bock bock..

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