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  • okjustthefacts okjustthefacts Apr 6, 2001 11:51 AM Flag

    Milwaukee Journal article

    I generally just post to vent (and not from my departure from the company - that was on my own).

    To keep in touch with alterra national staff give them a call - or e-mail them. (they generally need to talk about what is going on)

    (Read the 10K - it says 65 residences for sale (that means at least 65 will be sold first - then what ever is necessary)

    I vent because I lost some bigtime cash on ALI stock while I was in direct contact with the financials. I was apparently brainwashed by Alterra's amazing growth - look at it they grew like crazy.

    Apparently everyone who put in some serious cash loaning Alterra money was brainwashed also into giving them cash. There was due diligence (auditors were always living there) plenty of investors looked very close and thought it was worth the risk.

    Yes a message board is a stupid place to get real investment advice.

    But if anyone is thinking about making money on Alterra for now it would have to be based on mere rumors and speculation.

    Alterra is no longer an investment, if it had any volume it would be a way to play with market ups and downs (but it doesn't).

    So if youre in for more than a buck enjoy watching it drip away or think about taking those losses.