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  • manu_le_parisien manu_le_parisien May 20, 2005 2:41 PM Flag


    Are destroying american progress. They are oposing scientific discovery...they don't even want evolution to be taught in school. This country will be lagging in scienctific research in years to come!!!

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    • You know what they did to Galileo right, well there you have it. They just simply do not understand the way in which the universe works in Reality, like claims that the Earth is only 6000 years old. That most certainly makes the top ten goofy ass beliefs that they hold dear. I mean we can see millions of light years into outerspace with hubble telescope. It takes millions of years for that light to travel that far, and they can measure that pretty accurately. So there theory is so " I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY ABOUT IT'. Well, THE WORD "STONEAGE" COMES TO MIND. There theory is that the Earth was made to look old, "Talk about bridging the Gap", I mean c'mon allready.......How can one expect any sense at all to come out of there mouth's

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      • The more I listen to the Bush bashers the more ignorance I see flowing out. Bush is a Christian. He believes the Bible and makes his decisions on both moral and scientific grounds. Experimenting with adult/umbilical cord cells versus embryonic stem cells is like growing independent body parts versus creating human beings and cutting them apart to get the parts. That is both a moral and a scientific decision. The Bible says that the earth is a circle (Job, Isaiah, Solomon), and Galileo was criticized for his scientific discoveries because a lot of church leaders themselves had no idea what the Bible said - the same thing I see on this message board. How many of us enlightened geniuses, if asked to prove that the earth circled around the sun instead of vice versa, would have any idea where to start? Babylonian astronomers living several thousand years ago would send most of us to the cleaners. The 6000-year age of the earth came from the geneological records of the history of mankind - the Bible, Herodotus, Berossus, Bablonican Chronicles, Ptolemy's Chronicles, etc. We have no records of mankind before that. How long the six days of creation were before the creation of man is up for grabs. Dating with Carbon 14 works only on specimens not buried in the ground, and other dating methods have to assume only pure uranium was formed initially, which is complete speculation. Also measuring millions of light year distances is speculation since using trigonometry to measure such distances is limited to very short distances. Scientists measure the red shift of the incoming light to guess at the distances, but they must assume that the emitted light was totally white, which is speculation.
        If Bush is so stupid, why is he the President, while we are sitting here trading penny stocks? He said he would veto any bill allowing experimentation with embryonic stem cells. STEM uses only adult stem cells. Stick with the indicators (P/E is still negative, but the future is extremely bright). You'll make more money that way.

      • Good points. Remember that the Pope did make an appology about 15 years ago for what they did to Gallileo. And I believe that the Pope did not really condemn the religious nuts in this country are promoting Neanderthal views that the Pope does not believe in.

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