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  • blockfrom3062 blockfrom3062 Jun 21, 2013 8:24 PM Flag

    Could this new hire indicate a new direction of research???

    The June 2013 press release mentioned "Allyson Gage, Ph.D., has joined as Senior Director of Clinical Development. " I found this interesting. I don't know Dr. Gage personally and I'm not overly familiar with her work, however, her recent papers are studies of drug interaction with a patient's mental stability as related to schizophrenia and alcohol ingestion. I was not aware that STEM was researching stem cells and their interaction with alcohol and depression, but if they are any positive announcement will make the stock price soar. Does anyone have additional information on these areas? I'm just wondering if Dr. Gage was hired specifically to lead research into alcohol dependence, depression and schizophrenia.

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    • how many Allisons do you know who take a company in a new direction? Maybe she is good, and I hope so.

    • STEM......1.53...... -0.09.......... (-5.56%)

    • Your homework assignment for today. Research the massive insider selling on STEM over the last 9 years.

    • Where is the investment cash going to come from to pay these employees?

      When you apply the 1 for 10 reverse split ...STEM has already issued approximately 200 million shares.

      Furthermore, STEM grants their employees FREE SHARES!

      There is no strike price to make them work for their incentive!

      The shares are FREE!.......And they sell them!.......So they can repeat the dilution and sell them again!

      STEM is down approximately 98% from its all time high.................98%!!!!!!

      Bottom line: STEM management and board of directors have squandered and siphoned $250 Million of investors money over the years........... there needs to be more major shareholders to implement positive change.....

      ...intelligent decisions need to made.......cost controls implemented.......elimination of free shares.......elimination of dilution.........salary reductions of 40% or more for overpaid employees....and more

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      • You forgot to thank me for furnishing you with a soapbox. I understand your concerns, but why not post them yourself instead of posting them as a reply to my point and request for additional information. With your viewpoint, why are you even on this board? When I post a comment posing a question looking for information, I would really appreciate not seeing comments like yours. If I sound annoyed it's because I am. Since I have T-mobile service (the worst that there is), I could not access your comment on my phone and had to go upstairs to read information that was a reply to my question. I read your comment, which has nothing to do with my question and would appreciate if you would stay off of threads that I create unless you have information pertaining to the subject at hand.

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