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  • BioTrekkie BioTrekkie May 9, 2001 8:03 PM Flag

    I am out .look at NEXL

    Yes, but Nexl has always been a weaker stock. An investment in Nexl 2 years ago would have left you down -68%, while Stem would be up +132%.

    Getting out of STEM and into NEXL was the wrong move, kiddo IMHO.

    Of course, I'm occasionally wrong.

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    • All I can say is that I have always stated that I have made more money in STEM. Yet purley from a technical perspective NEXL and STEM seem to mirror one another on good news. My main point is that news in one leads investors to think that a breakthrough could be on the horizon for the other, and if the other ios down it is most likely a good buy, especially since NEXL has solved their legal problems. But I both trade and go long. And as far as STEM in concerned they did a very wise thing by creating a stronger value for their share holders by selling their shares of modex. I love STEM and again will buy on any dips. ANY DIPS. I will buy down from here, if we go down. If I see any reason to buy on the upside from here. I will. I have often been wrong, and will be wrong again, but I mostly trade, and have been very very satisfied here with STEM. I kept 100 shares this time, and I have few hundred from previos trades, but all my money is off the table. When, hopefully not if, this company ever pulls through, I am still sitting pretty here. Now I for one think that is called smart investing regardless of which company is a better long investment. And yes NEXL at its high does represent a greator loss, and since STEM came from a lower level it does represent a better gain, but if you look at it in trading terms on technical levels the two are very equal. Over...

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