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  • schwartzhymie Nov 21, 2012 8:19 AM Flag

    Serious question?

    The wires reported that N.G supplies actually shrank this past week.
    Why is N.G weak this morning? Oil is up.
    Moreover, a reasonably cold winter is expected. See orange juice futures.
    I assume that this is due to the back stabbing by Hamas terrorists in Tel Aviv, as soon as Israel relented a bit?
    I personally think that Israel should deal Hamas a tremendous blow, since they are surrogates of Iran,
    Hizbollah, and the Alewite regime in Syria.
    Hillary's posturing is simply to get herself Ginsburg's seat. I hope that the 44 Republican Senators, will give her a very hard time.
    To her credit she took the hit for the Bengazi disaster.This is either not known, or easily forgotten by our moronic electorate.
    I still can't accept the fact that we could easily have flown assets in to Bengazi.
    You need to know the proximity to Sicily and Ariano, and even Djibouti.Most of the youngsters never served, and haven't a clue. Forget goegraphy, they were never taught it.
    If most of your citizens neither serve, have an education, or pay Federal taxes, nothing matters to these people; except immediate gratification.
    We chose the wrong leader, for the 2nd time.

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