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  • jctuttle13 jctuttle13 Dec 21, 2012 9:12 AM Flag

    I expect to see $4-5 come off of this overpriced valuation

    in the coming days and weeks. Amazing gow high it went with a mere $1.09 expected for fy13.

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    • Will you #$%$! I have to say this almost every day with you! Just come out and say you hate this company. This is a very well run company! Everything they are doing is POSITIVE!!!! So suck it up and #$%$! "I expect.....blah,blah,blah" If you want to short this, then do it and be a man and say you're short! I'm long and it #$%$ me off when people CRY about a companies stock price! Get over it and have a sack! if yer long BE HAPPY. Is this company overvalued, NO! IF they keeping beating expectations, then NO! The analysts IMHO are getting this wrong. Look at the other drillers they all beat earnings so far. Listen to the market, ENERGY is the shift and it's currently a stealthy shift. At $24, I will sell calls, and maybe buy puts! which is a nuetral to bullish move for a overvalution shift (down to $21-20) at that level you should buy. I've owned this company for YEAARRRS! And the whole time this goes up and down I make money!+ a dividend! So, either get on board, or get off this board. I will add IF this holds $24 and settles....$34 is happening within the next 1yr

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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