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  • sillysallychessstar sillysallychessstar Jan 21, 2011 3:25 PM Flag

    I bought another 10K Shares

    Despite what the common trader thinks I believe. So what. What is interesting is the vile character assassination from the "I don't know what's".

    what would cause a person to do such things. Huh?

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    • No offense sally but VGZ is down like .60 cents in three weeks it does appear that if the article is in fact true or their stand on the mine is true its hurting the share price. Whats your oppinion of the whole issue.

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      • Firstly,that paper is a left wing radical paper promoting environmental over protection. I do not believe it yet.

        Second, Mexico is only one of six property's and near the least of the portofolio. also most risk due to environment anyway. However I believe in this economy, and with gold increasing in value, (consider GE2) jobs and local economy will prevail over protests and a preceived mess. With so much money in the ground, a lot can be fixed.

        Regardless, Australia is where my interests are. Australia alone is sufficient to enrich me into a comfortable retirement. An I believe Australia is a lock. It is located in a desolate place where the government wants this.

        Study the link below and put your hate and emotions aside, and just consider investing for a year more in a Company that own this. Why worry about the day to day penny ante movements. If on December 2012 the stock is 12 or 20 will any of it matter. But it now it is low, and put it away for at least 1 year.

        BTW Buffett made a lot of money that way. Remember his saying - "When others are fearful be greedy, When others are greedy be fearful" Now I am greedy.

        So as I am not attacked and vilified for my personal beliefs, I add a disclaimer..The comments above are the sole ideas of me and are not meant to convince anyone else. Investing is risky and you could lose a lot of if not all your money. I'm prepared for that.

    • Sally, the sheeple have spoken today. If you are a near term options holder, the sheeple just dropped a deuce in your breakfast cereal. If you are a share holder or long term options holder then in fact with time you will have the last deuce!


    • BTW today is options expiration so that explains it. I respectfully submit.

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