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  • bjsedco702 bjsedco702 Feb 11, 2013 7:44 AM Flag

    Another drill result

    Laughable from VGZ management. Only 4 weeks ago the CEO stood on a podium in NYC and presented that the PFS for MT Todd would be available at the end of the month. 22 days was the window he was referring to, and he still could not achieve that. It begs the question if the CEO is not in a position to accurately predict future press releases then who is? This is really incompetent and a disgusting way to run a company. He should not say anything at all, if he can not deliver it.. simple as that. For the very first time since I got involved in this stock 4-5 years ago now, I am seriously considering selling up when I am at least breaking even, which could be a while.

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    • I can understand your frustration. As a relative newcomer to the stock (and in the early stages of building my position) I find reasonable cause for optimism.

      It is particularly beneficial to be entering at a depressed price, (unless the depression of mining share prices portends a drop in gold prices).

      The company is making progress on all fronts. On Feb 7th, the PH in The Batman pit reached the 6.92 level. This is critical as the nickel and cadmium start dropping out of solution ONLY after the PH rises above the 6.7 level. Zinc will drop from solution once the pit hits 7.0 (today or tomorrow).

      Presently the water discharge permit allows a dilution ratio of 1 liter of water per 70 liters of river flow. As the zinc, cadmium and nickel levels in the pit water decrease, the ratio can be lowered.

      The PFS release timeframe stated in the Darwin Mining Club presentation from Feb 6th is simply Q1. The resource update is due at the end of Q1. The January presentation did say "End of January" so you are correct in your criticism on that front.

      I look forward to continuing this dialog with you as a longtime shareholder...

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      • Nice post, and thanks. I too will look forward to exchanging opinions with you in months to come. It would be a welcome change to the constant negativity - even if I am currently guilty of it! - on this board, and also the haranguing of other posters! I had a moment of frustration the other day but upon reflection will hold for the long haul here. The reasons I got into this stock in the first place are about to come into fruition this year most likely - these being permits for Los Cordones and Mt Todd. If we get these permits, the game changes - simple! After a full calendar year of absolutely no news last year - news that drove the stock up - I look forward to anticipated news releases this year that should drive the stock forward, however I feel the analyst projection on Yahoo finance here is a little optimistic - $15.20 inside a year, is not possible with the current sp. Infact it does make me laugh where they get these figures from, an appreciation of over 600% would be welcome for sure but I do believe a 100-150% is more likely if and when some permit news comes out. The real game changer for the stock right now would be the permit for Los Cordones as a lot hinges on this still. Vista would receive 20m from Invecture, and we would be looking at 18 months production time from that news release. The money generated by this project will help toward financing Mt Todd. Also it must be said a higher gold price is required as well. I think this may be the reason for the delays - anyway, good luck!

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