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  • jesjoejes jesjoejes Oct 18, 2002 9:06 AM Flag


    If they did 6 million last quarter in rev. last quarter what would you consider good for this quarter.

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    • PMTI had 4.24 million in sales in the 1st qtr and 6.35 million in the 2nd.

      When evaluating 3rd quarter sales I will keep two things in mind. 1. The U.S. economy is struggling, having a negative impact on most companies sales. 2. The customers in PMTI's industry are typically more focussed on summer vacation activities than business equipment purchases, making PMTI's 3rd quarter its slowest of the year

      If 3rd quarter sales are down modestly, I will consider this as "holding their own".

      If sales are unchanged from the 2nd qtr, this will tell me they are "maintaining modest growth".

      Modest growth in the qtr will indicate to me that their sales growth continues "in a significant pattern".

      Significant sales growth in the qtr would indicate that they may indeed be hitting the "sweet spot of cometic skin care".

      Perhaps lasrmon could tell us to what extent reported sales may represent deliveries to remarketers, to fill their pipelines, rather than sales to final users?

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      • A revenue increase of $1,000,000 in the 3rd qtr
        falls into my "significant growth" catagory, and indicates that PMTI probably has found "the sweet spot of cosmetic skin care" with its EsteLux product.

        Given what happened to LUME this week, PMTI's results are all the more impressive.

      • I agree with your sentiment. Japan is taking lots of orders for EsteLux. I think they released the product too early as I have reports of problems from major centers. US sales force needs to be overhauled. FLA distributor could do OK. I think the margin number is important and if they post 6 that is good but it could be more....I hope. Remember the best handpeices for the Este have just been released. LuxRs and LuxG. EU is a whole new market for them and getting good dist. #'s is important to the picture. Good International experience in Mgt. so we will see. China gives me goosebumps though...I just don't trust them and while they can "knock off just about anything" PMTI has solid patents and they could not reasonable violate these and import them into the US. They could however find another way to make them by licensing from others and even some innovation all by themselves..they probably wouldn't of even thought of this if they were not directly exposed to the technology. IPL's are cheap to build in the US about 7K, imagine what the Chinese could build an IPL for and more importantly sell them for if they started making them? Food for thpught.

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