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  • knuts4oe knuts4oe Mar 29, 2003 10:32 AM Flag

    lasrmon - MediLux ?

    By comparing the MediLux specs with those of EsteLux I see only two differences:

    1. MediLux is a little smaller

    2. The fluence specs on MediLux are a little higher on all handpieces except the "G"

    Could you explain for all our edification why the slighty higher fluences would justify a new platform?

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    • IPL is highly dimensional. What you have is energy per wavelength unit where a unit should be a standard time measurement across the spectrum used. Second you have peak power and average power over the pulse duration and along that spectrum. Finally you have spot size = less scatter, IPL which has greater scatter than laser. If that is not enough you have PMTI's photonic recycling which is non-linear...the lighter the skin the greater the effect. Compound this with counter-intuitive with specific vascular and you can see why the MD's just ask me what is best. I have requested the data and will post anything that is not marked confidential. I have been busy but will get back to the board on this matter soon. There are some other items that I have seen that make Este a good system for a wide variety of tx's.

      Always is primarily just the selective photothermal transfer to the target without burning the patient. Hair needs to be raised to about 60C - 75C in anagen phase for permanent destruction. Vascular and pigments are different and all have exceptions to the "rules".

    • Simply put, if I could reply. New product upgrade =new money coming in to the company. And that aint bad if some trade in there este for a medi.