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  • jesjoejes jesjoejes Jul 14, 2005 9:14 AM Flag

    While the potential for a buyout

    comes from Gillete (P&G) cause lets face it, PMTI could revolutionize shaving, or J&J as per Cramer article I'll bet the Schick people would like to be in the mix especially with Gillette. And I still believe the shorts have not even started to cover yet.

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    • are the ELOS mgmt team the same guys that were involved with LUME early on???

    • you have done well, had FDA appoved Velasmooth in November there would be much change, now since it is appovered this quaterly report in the next couple weeks will only have two weeks of sales in it BUT the next one will have the full.
      Good luck

    • I did that fundamental�s comparison you suggested. ELOS does come out a little better on most counts and should get the nod if, based solely on those numbers, one must designate one as the winner. Both are so solid I doubt that ELOS being better makes that much of a difference as far as valuation is concerned.

      Another part of any comparison is to determine whether these figures are already in the stock price. Also you must consider projected growth rates being assigned to both. On the last count PMTI gets higher numbers.

      I think that the street is not calculating the potential growth in ELOS�s numbers correctly; they give it a 22.5% 5-year projected growth rate. That seems too low to me since, for example, sales for 2006 are projected to be 30% higher than 2005. Furthermore, it trades at a PEG higher than one (1.21) because of this low-balling of EPS growth estimates. Yet the market (S&P 500) trades at a PEG of 1.54 despite growth rates that will be less than that posted by ELOS. It is reasonable to assume that either EPS estimates will rise or the PEG will become closer to the market rate (or both). If we leave the projected growth rate at 22.5 but give it a 1.54 multiple to that (like the 500 index gets) you get a fair value going forward of $48.86 a share (1.54 x 22.5 x 1.41). That is 23.8% higher than today�s close.

      The street is assigning a 30% 5-year projected growth rate to PMTI�s EPS numbers. While this too seems low, based on 2004 through 2006 numbers, we can go with them to be conservative. On a PEG basis it trades at a steeper discount (1.07) to the market versus ELOS. Since ELOS does have better �key statistics� numbers let�s say some discount is in line. Instead of using 1.54 (market numbers) for PMTI we�ll split the difference between that and its current number. We�ll use 1.3 as its PEG multiple. You get a fair value going forward of 33.54 a share (1.3 x 30 x .86). That is 21.1% higher than today�s closing price.

      While ELOS may have a slight edge based on this type of calculation, they come so close that owning both going forward makes a lot of sense. A week or so ago I said the same thing with CUTR versus PMTI. Unfortunately I didn�t move on my conviction to add CUTR at that time. It is up about 25% since then. We have found a good niche to be a part of, own which ever of them you like, you will do well.

    • Are you a tough guy?
      Are you a Billy Badass?
      Are you threatening me?
      Aren't you a little young for full-contact?
      Ok punk, obviously PMTI is a solid company since the stock continues to go up and every qtr they are increasing their earnings..I own it and am making a ton of money... and you are right if you bought it Jan 2003 any other time you would not have faired so well.

      Now you said,"Buy PMTI......this stock and company will greatly outperform smart and look at the fundamentals and company history and track smart..."
      Ok go to a chart on yahoo Finance and plug and compare ELOS with PMTI a year, 6 month ok

      Now had you been nice I also would have treated you with respect, act like a jerk get treated like a jerk understand.

    • hey punk....lets put aside the BS here...obviously PMTI is a solid company since the stock continues to go up and every qtr they are increasing their earnings..I own it and am making a ton of are others.

      Now for the real message....keep your wasteless trash talk to yourself...keep peoples families out of it you coward....because you will be shitting your teeth when I get a hold of you....thats a promise. Be very careful who you shoot your mouth of too. comprende'

    • "As far as how long a company has been public is a reidiculous has nothing to do with the success of a company"
      ok dipshit
      Palomar Medical Technologies Inc (PMTI)has had one stock split a reverse 1 for 7 and it topped out way back in 1997 now I suggest you be pulling up a chart smartass before you go shooting off your mouth.
      Like I said, please don't have kids, there are enough STUPID people already.

    • so were mine!!! now go blow your useless hot air on someone else's board, and deal with it over there !!

    • My statements where true, deal with it!

    • "Did you buy shares before or at the IPO "?
      no I bought shortly after the IPO at a average cost of $13.50

      "Will you keep your shares forever or do you have a plan, a target price" ?
      my target price is $60 short term and will sell 1/4 of my position and continue to ride the rest and look for some thing else to buy into.
      You might have many shares when you say you are a big shareholder. I own 10k

      "So how could new investors know if you create an environment to sell/unload your shares in increasing stock prices"
      I own 10k so I am by no means an elephant. I also own CHS, DKS, LEND and RRGB

      "I think it is better the value of a company increases time-by-time and not in a dramatic short time"
      Well I like buying young guns due to they seem to give a lot of bang rather than ones that have been around awhile, my exception to this is CHS which has made me a great deal of gains.

      Now I strongly agree never ever fall in love with any stock, but I try to pick out ones I know and let them run until a reason to sell happens. I was in a few home builders for a while but sold when I seen a bubble forming.
      But the core I have stated DKS, LEND and RRGB
      was all purchased very close to their IPO and I have kept them all along since.. I will also share with you that I limit myself to only 7 stocks at any one time because I like to sleep well at night. Currently my only holdings are
      CHS, DKS, LEND, RRGB and ELOS. ELOS is the one I expect to out do the others over the next year or so. Before you ask I have locked in gains and used those gains to buy. CHS has made me a ton of money over the last 6 years, just wish I would have never sold any of it!

    • Carefule what you are being watched and are easily found !!

      As far as how long a company has been public is a reidiculous has nothing to do with the success of a company.....quite frankly, if you are old enough to remember...there were many "web/Internet" companies that went public in the early nineties and were belly up a year the true strength of a company is one that has survived our economy over the last 10+ years and is still alive and thriving...such as PMTI.
      Get your facts straight before you blow hot air....
      lastly,dont be an idiot and make stupid comments about "having children" ???? do you think your funny ? does this have anything to do with this board ? what are we missing here ?

      Grow up....and as I said before watch what you say!!!!

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