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  • antoncav antoncav Mar 1, 2006 11:31 PM Flag

    Fractional Handpiece

    Do other laser companies use fractional handpieces, or is this an exclusive creation for PMTI? Any elaboration on how significant this handpiece is in comparison to competitor products is appreciated.

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    • Palomar has two new hand pieces for the starlux, a fractional IR (LuxIR) and a fractional Er-YAG. This is a new technology created again by Harvard Med. labs, Boston General and Palomar. A second license was granted to Reliant (who was firt to market) and sells a fractional Er-YAG also (using the name fraxel). Theirs is a dedicated laser with a price approx $90K. Palomar's are both Hand pieces with less than half that price. The Lux IR is shipping now and is for skin tightening. It will compete with the Thermage process and Cutera's titan machine, both dedicated single purpose machines at twice the price or more. The fractional Er-YAG is for skin resurfacing. Again with both of these new HPs the key is cooling and here agin Palomar is right on it. This is an exciting new area and in my clinics we already have people asking for treatments.

      It will help the performance in the next year or two.

    • Your message is the first to mention Palomar's newly announced fractional laser handpiece.

      I believe that Reliant's "Fraxel" is a fractional laser, but we must await our experts to fill us in on the subject.

      Actually I was expecting a flurry of messages in response to Palomar's news release, but neither the stock market nor this board paid any attention to it.

      Under the circumstances it is hard to tell if the new handpiece will be significant to PMTI"s bottom line.