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  • jesjoejes jesjoejes Jun 5, 2006 12:35 PM Flag

    What I find puzzling

    The way I see it this company could double from here very fast. Soon no one will be able to sell a hair removal device, be it light or laser or light/radio-wave without paying PMTI first. Hair removal being the #1 medical procedure.

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    • jesjoejes
      Recent articles show skin rejuvenation to surpass laser hair removal starting next year.

    • You are absolutely dreaming - amazing how hyped the longs are on this board.

      Get a clue by looking at what this settlement is going to do for PMTI finanicals, insignificant. PMTI does not have much chance of winning any other disputes. Where are the other lawsuits - it was just CUTR.

      • 2 Replies to HamptonKey
      • An important aspect of the settlement is to confirm PMTI's patent rights before entering the enormous consumer market, rather than potentially be at odds with infringing competitors.

        The company stated on its CC that it had a clear strategy for proceding against other infringers, which they declined to disclose for now but indicated would become clear soon. Personally, I'm confident that it will make sense. But since it is still speculative, we'll just have to disagree.

      • If you don�t think Candela has a big target on their back your dreaming. PMTI has a fantastic position against Candela�s 1064 and 755 lasers for hair removal. Based on the past hair removal revenue from Candela, PMTI should see a settlement 5-10 times higher than the Cutera settlement.

        Wake up!!!