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  • garygold52 garygold52 Oct 26, 2007 10:37 AM Flag

    tax selling and investor lawsuits

    when does tax selling start by investors and funds. this is not a pretty stock for a fund to have in their portfolio. when does lawsuits start. stock is down over 60% this year and mgmnt seems to be the cause. they claim market conditions are good. all hair removal companies doing terribly but none of them claim its external business conditions.what we have is a sector that is clueless as to how to run a sucessful company.

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    • Are you a lawyer? What basis does anyone have to sue management? A drop in the stock price? Did they say anything that was untrue or misleading?

      If you made a bad investment decision (like many others including me) then look in the mirror for someone to blame. Time to grow up and be a big boy.

    • blue_devil_ninetynine blue_devil_ninetynine Oct 26, 2007 10:42 AM Flag

      An entire sector that is clueless, and lawsuits for an underperforming stock price. Smart, real smart...

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      • Tax selling by the funds is probably over as the funds end their year 10-31 and put out reports and portfolios to the owners. It is a practice that the funds want the report to be clean and look good, which means they sell off the stocks that have had poor performance so they do not show on their holdings. If a fund still has PMTI after the past months, then it would be fair to say they probably plan to keep it, and this is especially true this year as positive market results has funds able to take losse in positions they do not want to retain against their gains. As to lawsuit, you can have them anytime, but what basis would you have for filing one with merit? Stock down-- I wish it was not down, but not a justifiable reason. Lets hope that bottom is about in, and the positive developements discussed on earlier posts today start to give increased investment interest to funds and individuals.