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  • Harbinger007 Harbinger007 Sep 12, 2002 8:08 PM Flag

    Any Landowners/Option holders here?

    SBA has an undeveloped option on my property and has indicated they may assign it to another company (privately held, from what I can tell). Any body else out there in a similar situation. I've been told that this is a valuable option because it's been approved by the planning department and because of it's size and location. Still, with the current environment, I wonder if a tower will ever get built here.

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    • Someone claiming to be mylumbago wrote:

      > SITE's dead and all they do is argue on
      > their board.

      Not exactly. When a company (any company) experienced double digit growth or decline in one day and the traffic on that message board increases to the point where it's one of the top 10 most active message boards on, all of the idiotic sociopaths who think that they can sway the price of a stock by posting garbage on message boards show up their to pump their latest stock "hot tip" of the day. That's all it is. Very few of the people commenting there are SITE message board regulars.

      However, I should warn you and your fellow SBAC message board patrons. When I was in college a bar down the street from where I worked was on the verge of going broke. I told my boss that it would be good if they did so his/our bar could do more business. He said, "Bullshit. That's not a good thing. What makes you think we want all of those idiots and malcontents hanging out in my bar?!?" That's exactly what will happen if SITE goes belly-up. All of the idiots there will move onto the next tower stock on the low rung of the ladder (e.g. SBAC).

      The Garbageman

    • SITE's dead and all they do is argue on their board.

    • Someone claiming to be mylumbago wrote:

      > Someone help me authenticate this last
      > posting:

      Yes, it really is me...the cantankerous old fart himself. With all of the morons posting to the SITE board in the past 24 to 36 hours, I'm starting to get carpal tunnel syndrome and I got a little lazy. Sorry...I'll do better next time.

      The Garbageman

    • Someone help me authenticate this last posting:

      It's like Double Jeopardy with the trashman; he usually starts his post with " Someone claiming to be................

    • Like Buster said, the digital broadcasting towers are usually > 800' tall and require a great deal of strength to support the analog TV antennas (which are typially 60' to 100' tall) AND the digital TV antennas, not to mention the numerous tenants already located on the old tower. The cellular telephone towers are only 100' to 300' tall. They won't work.

      The Garbageman

    • I read about the tower construction from this website.
      They said their old tower is too old and unsafe to handle digital broadcasting equipment.

    • broadcasting ie television franchise operators have very tall guy wire towers in place already.
      all they would need to do is reconfigure the antanea and or base station technology?

    • Hi,
      I read about a tower construction in Indiana. This tower construction is use to support digital broadcasting which is mandatory by 2003, I think. I was curious as to why they need to build a tower? Why not use SBAC's towers or something. Does SBAC's towers not able to support digital broadcasting equipment?

    • These tower companies will least at most 5 to 6 acres for a 400' guyed tower and as little as 1/2 an acre for a monopole site. For the most part, these companies could buy the lease from the landowner and give them upfront cash, which may be attractive in a down economy. The ability to buy the land out from underneath many of these towers may be difficult at best to do, especially in the more dense urban settings, because sub-division regs would restrict the partition of land into such small parcels. As for the prospects for future development (after the tower lease expires), I'm not sure the land is worth much more than for the tower. In most cases, towers are located on scrub land.

      The Garbageman

    • G-Man:

      Your idea sounds like a standard real estate sale/leaseback transaction. The issue that remains in my opinion is how much the land that the tower company owns/leases for its site is actually worth. In other words, what is the value of the property to another company as far as what can be developed on the land.

      As far as lease back deal goes, one of the companies that I own in the Energy sector, namely Calpine (CPN) builds power plants and then sells the power plants to another company and then runs the facilities under an operating lease. Calpine also builds and then sells power plants as well with no operating lease arrangements.

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